New Music: STEEL drops ‘Hypnotize’


Call him the rave of the moment and you will not be wrong. Danso Kel Edmund popularly known among his fans as STEEL is breaking all bounds to becoming one of the most loved Ghanaian talent per excellence. His craft and delivery when unleashing lyrical venom on the bars are second to none.

He was born in Suhum, the Eastern part of Ghana and begun music in his early school days in 1998. He studied at Adenta community school and then attended Sekondi College in Takoradi, Pentecost secondary in Koforidua and then finally to Koforidua Secondary Technical School (KSTS) Koforidua.

His music carrier got more serious when he started performing in schools programmes; town shows where in 2002, he won the Best Rapper award in a rap contest. He also won the Best Hip-Hop Rapper in his school’s SRC awards night in 2005.

Background checks show that he was the first young school boy to be producing beats and recording other local artist in the neighbourhood.

The AbbeyMesh Record Label signee, since his entry into the Ghanaian music industry has continued to release heartfelt singles which will make your feet want to dance as well as you heart want to keep the lyrics for a very long time. With songs like: ‘Hey Hey’, ‘Moko Aya’, ‘Shorty wanna ride’, ‘Agyeiwa’, ‘Kenkre Ba’, and ‘Kill It’; he has proven beyond measurable doubts that he is a lyrical ‘cat’ with potentials.

His new audio release-‘Hypnotize’ is another side of his flair and it presents the act as a promising versatile brand who needs to be watch out for. In this new song, his creative deliveries have left music enthusiasts to predict him as one of the future of the new African music trend. It was produced by AM-the-master doper.

You’ve got to appreciate the dopeness of this track below…


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