NEW MUSIC & LYRICS: You Are – Nii Soul feat. Bra Kevin

Gospel artiste, Nii Soul has released a new song ‘You Are’ featuring rapper Bra Kevin. Check it out!!!


The name is Jesus, it’s the same name that delivers us, and it heals us, and it saves us, what, same name redeems us,


What a mighty God we serve, who is like you, in heaven and on the earth, looking at the works of your mighty hands, Lord it amazes me, it’s why I wonna tell the whole world that you are….


Holy, Mighty, worthy, that’s who you are. Faithful, Merciful and Powerful, that’s who you are to me.


How many times, didn’t I close my eyes, to the works of your mighty hands? And how many times, didn’t I refuse to do your will when you wanted me to? But little did I know that you were fixing today, Lord, little did I know, what you had in mind today. And so I long for you, you word and truth, that heals and saves us.


Hook: so I give you more (more, more) 4x


You keep showing us the future; help us make the right choices

You are more than a conqueror, come on and lift up thy voices

Grace is the new church, am proof the good news works

The word of God’s sharper than any two edged sword adversaries say the truth hurt

He said He came for us sinners, true, can’t you see what’s happening?

This is God’s time for us now,

M3nfa, rolex mb3 distruct’i mi

You are free from chains

Your lives will never be the same

This be the best sakawa

You are who you have to be in Jesus’ name, Amen



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