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NEW MUSIC: Lucky Mensah ‘attacks’ NDC in new single ‘Esi-Araba’ ft Joe Frazier

Lucky Mensah

Lucky Mensah

Highlife Muscian Alex Mensah, known in showbiz circles as Lucky Mensah has released another single casting political innuendoes at the NDC government suggesting that if the President’s former boss the late John Evans Atta Mills failed to live up to expectation, there is little chance that he, President Mahama will not be any different.

This is the latest track from the man Lucky Mensah who campaigned for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) during their 2006 presidential campaign.

But as personal  disillusionment with the Mills presidency set in, he released ‘Nkratuo’ suggesting the government was incompetent in managing affairs. Lucky Mensah was reportedly frustrated that his efforts during the 2006 presidential campaign was not rewarded.

But in a turnabout, he  release another song ‘Atta beye ama mo’ (Atta will do it for you) after reports that he had succumbed to pressure from government.

It appears there is something still nagging at the entertainer about his relationship with the NDC government as this latest is set to open up new controversy.

The Twi song from the man Lucky Mensah which features Joe Frazier. ‘Esi Araba’ as the track title was produced by Roro.

Listening to the track over and over, the lyrics of the song translated in English is saying that “If Esi did nothing, Araba doesn’t stand a chance”

Joe Frazier raps saying “if Drogba didn’t live up to the bill, then don’t expect Fernando Torres to do much..Barcelona did nothing so don’t expect any positive result from Liverpool”

Lucky Mensah continues that “…. few of the family members have eaten whilst the rest are hungry. Be strong because we shall be the winners at the end of this battle. Hunger, poverty, hardship, discomfort will come to an end for us to laugh” Lucky Mensah said in the song.

Listen to the track:

Source: OMGghana

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