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NEW MUSIC: Auntie Mariam – Friction feat. D-Flex

Friction has featured singer D-Flex on his latest single “Auntie Mariam”. Visuals for this song will be released soon. Check the song out!!!


About Friction

Friction is known for his unique mix of afropop, reggae and hiphop. He is the founder and former leader of VIP, and has been active in the music industry for many years. In 2006 he was accepted to a Dutch music university, and since that time he is to be seen on a lot of stages across Europe with his live band.

His previous reggae-single ‘Life is not easy’ gained a lot of attention and airplay since its release. With this new song ‘Auntie Mariam’, a hiplife track in Hausa, Friction shows his diversity and talent once again.

Coming from the Ghetto in Accra (Nima/Mamobi) and now being a succesfull international artist, Friction shows that determination, hard work and ofcourse a lot of talent can let someone come far in life and in the music industry.



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