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New dance in Ghana: Is Al Qaeda here to upstage Azonto?

GuruIn case you are not aware of the new dance move making waves across several parts of the country, then you need to sit up and stop  missing the latest trend on the music scene.

The new trend, according to the Lapaz Toyota hit -maker, Guru,  is furiously taking over from Azonto and it is called Akaida.

The dance is fairly well known in senior high schools and tertiary institutions in the country. In Accra, one can often see people gleefully moving to the beat in places like New Town, Alajo, La and other places.

The artiste that has a song titled Akaida at the moment is  Guru. He  claims to be champion of the beat  and is excited about how fast the dance is catching on.

Guru is even convinced that  the Akaida  dance is more popular than Azonto now and  will soon cross our borders  to other lands.

He said though Akaida sounds like Al Qaeda,  people should not attach any notion of  terrorism to the new dance craze.

“It is just a fun thing. It is a dance that has some   swag to  it though not as communicative as Azonto. Akaida has a future,” Guru says.

Describing how to do the Akaida, Guru said: “You lean back and go sideways and  flaunt your arms with some kind of swag to the rhythm of the song. ”

In an interview with Rebecca Agbolosu Mensah, a drama teacher at the Ghana International School and a freelance dancer, she agreed that  the dance is for fun  but felt the name which sounds like Al Qaeda must  be changed.

“We all know that Al Qaeda  is associated with terrorism and if we want this dance to go international, then we have to change its name. For Ghana to boast of such a thing, the name must go so we are not seen as people   supporting a wrong thing,” she said.

She was emphatic that the Akaida moves originated from some of the moves associated with Azonto.

“There is  no way Akaida can overtake Azonto because Akaida is basically a move  taken from Azonto  and renamed. Akaida is a subset of Azonto so it cannot be bigger than Azonto,” Rebecca said in response to whether she thought Akaida could upstage Azonto.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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