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Netseba Fashion Glance 2015 Slated For August 22

As our generation changes from time to time, so has our mentality for fashion changed as well.

It’s empowering, it’s new, its African and its Netseba Fashion Glance 2015 brought to you by Netseba Fashion And School. The show will be happening on 22nd August, 2015 at the Civil Servants Conference near the Accra Sports Stadium. And it’s absolutely free.

The designer, Netseba shall showcase her various designs as well as outdooring of her fabrics. Aba Netseba Hayfron, the CEO and brain behind the show said it’s her ultimate dream to empower women through fashion designing.

To showcase the beautiful designs of Netseba will be the splendid walk by DSG Models on the runway as they move to the tunes of Ghanaian music.

According to the main organizer of the event, Netseba, the show isn’t only about her designs and outdooring of her fabrics. She said it is to have an impact on the youth who think  of sewing as an occupation for housewives and school dropouts and been an example of that wrong perception encourages the youth to see sewing in and broader view, have passion for it and live it as a lifestyle.

The show will be directed by Dionne Slash Gavin, CEO of DSG Grooming N Modeling School.Netseba Fashion Glance 2015

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