Neskael Corporate Fashion Show slated for December 7, 2014

The Neskael Corporate Fashion Show organized by Neskael Travel And Tours has officially been inaugurated and it is schedule to take place at The La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on Sunday December 7, 2014 between the hours of 5 and 8pm.

The event is designed to entertain, educate, inform and showcase our cultural heritage and values through fashion show (African wear) by bringing together the corporate world in a quest of promoting made in Ghana products through fashion.

The purpose of this event is to break boundaries of the patronage of the popular tag “Friday Wear” where corporate staffs are at liberty to wear African print on Fridays to work.

This in our estimation could be improved upon and in that regard, the event is organized to encourage the corporate working body in patronizing African wear regardless of the day, time and space, provided it conforms to the rules of their working environment.

However, this idea is not to disrespect other official costume “western costume” but, the need to promote made in Ghana product has trigged this course of action.

In this event, models for the show will be corporate staff walking the runway in a full dressed and styled by fashion houses such as Elikem The Tailor, Nallem Clothing, MKOGH Clothing, Abrantee Clothing, Tribe (Kwesi Nti), Zinzin, Nana Ama, Loria and Waltz Collection.

The choice of corporate individuals as models for the runway is to also ensure confidence, beauty, elegance, fun and specification among the variety of people found in the corporate working environment. Apart from that, the event will also look at grooming patrons and all participants which will be executed by our profound resource persons from the industry’s best players. A critical attention will be given to health which will sort to educate and inform patrons on health related issues in corporate working environment.

Our objective is to educate, inform, groom, promote and market our rich cultural heritage and as well provide the platform for socialization and networking. And we aim at promoting our cultural values through corporate individuals.

We hope this is accepted by the general public as a new revolution in patronizing made in Ghana products. Because our culture, fabric and color is beautiful and we need to preserve them.Neskael Corporate Fashion Show

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