Negative comments don’t bother me – Juliet Ibrahim!

Elegant movie actress Juliet Ibrahim has asked her fans, admirers and followers not to pay attention to people who say that she is still “not there yet” despite her eight-years of acting in movies. She told Showbiz that she believes she has paid her dues enough to be noticed as a fine actress and therefore it amazes her that some people would say she is still not there yet.

“There were a lot of criticisms when I started acting in 2005 but I took all in good faith because I was then beginning my career. But now, it will be unfair for anyone to say I am not there yet because I believe I know and have experienced a lot in the business,” she said

Juliet Ibrahim said she was not moved by negative comments from some quarters that she is not a good actress and that the people who qualify to say whether she is good or not are her colleague actors.

“The reason I am not moved by such negative comments is  that those criticising me are not actors. I would have been  bothered  if such comments were coming from my own colleagues” Juliet explained.

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Known for movies, Crime To Christ, In The Eyes Of My Husband, Yankee Boys, Blood Fight, Lost Desire, Dead End and Losing You, Juliet asked if she was not good why would movie producers continue using her in their movies?

What Juliet Ibrahim is not also happy about is when people try to compare her with others.  “Every actor is different in his or her own way.  You cannot say Angelina Jolie is better than Sharon Stone or Eddie Murphy is better than Samuel L. Jackson because both are different people and play different roles.

To Juliet, one cannot beat one’s chest and say he or she is the best actor owing to the fact that acting is a continuous  practice.

Juliet Ibrahim who claims she is a versatile actress questioned why movie producers deny her romantic roles simply because she is married.

“My husband is not the jealous type and we met when I was an actress so why won’t movie producers find out from me whether I am cool playing romantic scenes than denying me romantic roles right away” Juliet asked.

Juliet is an intelligent savvy business woman who owns and runs her own Beauty Parlour.

By Kofi Duah

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