NDC, NPP Have Nothing Good To Offer – Actress Ebi Bright

Half Ghanaian Half Nigerian actress and Development Communicator, Ms. Ebi Bright has confirmed to XFM her intentions to contest for the Parliamentary seat in the Tema Central Constituency on the ticket of the Convention People’s Party (CPP).

The young entrepreneur and C.E.O of Earthnic Vantage Limited bemoaned the lack of leadership and neglect which she says has retarded growth and development in the area.

As a Pan-Africanist who holds Nkrumah’s ideologies in high esteem, Ms. Bright believes Tema is less of what Ghana’s first President envisioned it to be.

Ebi Bright believes the CPP is the only party that can transform Tema into a modern city.


She said in an interview with XFM’s Emmanuel Addo that: “the CPP is the only party that is not insular in its outlook, but inclusive and stands for freedom, justice and accelerated growth”.

She disclosed that some high profile people convinced her to join the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the New Patriotic Party (NPP) so she could be assured of her seat. Ebi Bright


But Ebi believes both parties have nothing good for the people of her area and believes it will take someone who understands the vision for the creation of Tema to liberate residents from economic and social hardships.


The social worker is so much passionate about progressive development and plans to partner with investors to expand the infrastructure of Tema especially provision of adequate street lights which is contributing to numerous robberies.


According to her, areas like Community 4 and Community 7 are plunged in filth with visible choked sewage and indiscriminate disposal of human waste exposing residents to cholera and other health hazards.


She plans to collaborate with private waste management and recycling companies through the support of corporate bodies in Tema to tackle the lingering sanitation problem.


Ebi, through her social work has supported persons living with HIV and other terminal diseases for the past three years.


Health care is one of her priorities and has already initiated discussions with various stakeholders towards making it accessible to the less privileged in the community.


Ebi Bright also runs the African Academy of Creative Arts and hopes to expand educational facilities in Tema while supporting brilliant but needy students.


She added that she will support and revive industries in Tema to create employment for the people in the township.


“There is nothing that will hold me back. I am ready to sacrifice all it takes to salvage the situation for Tema,” she pledged.


Submitted by David Apinga and Emmanuel Addo


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