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Nana Awere Damoah to launch ‘I Speak of Ghana’ on December 6

‘I Speak of Ghana’, a book described by many as a key guidebook of ‘life and living it’ in Ghana has been published.

Authored by Nana Awere Damoah, it will be officially launched at the Sytris Bookshop in Osu –Accra on the 6th of December 2013.

The online version was released earlier in September 2013 to critical acclaim.

‘I Speak of Ghana’, the fourth major publication by Nana Damoah, tells the Ghanaian story beautifully. This short story captures Ghana, the issues, the challenges, the beauty and the hopes, in an unusual way with all the seriousness, accuracy and with enough humor to make the most nauseating issues even palatable.

The book is an honest journey of deft oration replete with the sounds, smells, sights, frustrations, triumphs and the mundane – everything that makes the Ghanaian experience finds its way into this book.

Known for his engaging, thought provoking and humor filled books, Nana’s latest work is set to feed your hunger for original African literature.

Support Ghanaian literature. Support ‘I Speak of Ghana’. Check the hashtag #ISpeakOfGhana #GHquotes #GHcoats and follow the build up to the launch.

Follow @nanadamoah on twitter and visit for more information.

I Speak of Ghana

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