Nana Adwoa Awindor: It hurts to read bad stuff about my daughter

Anytime her daughter mounts the stage and wows her audience with her unique voice coupled with her electrifying stage craft, it is the expectation that Nana Adwoa Awindor, mother of sensational singer Efya would be beside herself with pride for nurturing such a talent.

Of course, yes, mum Nana Adwoa Awindor does. She is absolutely proud of her daughter and is happy for her every minute and says she has always been grateful to God for the talent given her daughter but she finds it very difficult to deal with the bad publicity that often goes with showbiz stars.

In an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Nana Awindor, who herself is a media celebrity following the huge success she had with her Greetings From Abroad television series, said anytime she read negative stories about her daughter, it felt as though a sword had been driven through her heart because she knew very well that her daughter would not engage in undesirable activities like drug abuse.

“I know how it is like to be in the public’s eye and I know my daughter through and through and so it really hurts to read such bad stuff about her. It is annoying, irritating, abhorring and everything put together. Sometimes, I have to be strong for her to tell her not to respond to such stories and concentrate on her career because such detractors will come to nothing.
“Sometimes these things really hurt because we believe that we are nurturing a young talent into an international star that Ghana should be proud of. But some people think that is the opportune time to punch holes and bring her down when she is going global” she added.

Nana Awindor said in modern times that the world has become a global village, people should have a second thought about the negative stories they put out there since such stories transcend the borders of the country and may have negative effects on those personalities.

“Can you imagine that somebody who has cropped the hair and sniffing cocaine is posted on the Internet with an attached story that Efya is a drug addict?  Some of these stories break me down but often I say hey! It doesn’t matter, let us just forget about it and focus on what we are doing and let them be who they want to be. We want the ultimate prize and that is what we are looking for”.

The mother of the songstress who has won the hearts of many with songs like Best In Me, Cigarette, and Little Things could not hide her pride in the success her daughter has chalked in her music career adding “I see growth, possibilities, advancements, an international star par excellence. I see a bud blossom into a flower which has all the abilities of surviving and I am proud of her in so many ways. Efya’s singing prowess is a God given talent and not the ability of mortal being because she has been doing this since childhood and in God’s own time, He made things more beautiful and packaged”.

Apart from serving as a strong tower behind her daughter’s brand, Nana Awindor the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Productions says she has been busy working on her new series of Greetings from Abroad which has been off the screens for almost four years.

“Taking it off was deliberate in order to have a refreshing show after celebrating 10 years in 2008 but a new production is set to start showing on some selected stations  in June” she stated.

When asked how challenging it’s been touring the world, this was her response “It has been hectic and challenging but it’s always been an inward passion to brand Ghana and couldn’t have used any other means apart from this show to brand Ghana and I am delighted that it turned out well.

“But I have gone through some never to forget ordeals. I remember that in 2006, my hand bag which contained all the money for the expenses for myself and production crew was stolen and I cried like a baby at the German Airport. In fact, I wailed to the surprise of many present but these are some of the hazards that come with the job”.

A native of Efigya Kwabre in the Ashanti region, who is now a queenmother and bears the stool name “Obaapa Adwoa Nkyaa” and her last words to celebrities: “ pride comes before fall so be humble and always seek the face of God in all your endeavours”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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