Nadia Buari’s goes from brunette to blonde

Hmmm, today, Nadia Buari is showing us a new slim fit photograph of herself either on a train, bus or in a flying boat. Tomorrow, she is showing us a new tattoo on her back, thigh, face or somewhere.

The photo sections are endless so is that of her going from brunette to blonde a new one in her photo archive. What is the award winning sister up to these days with variety of ‘spicy’ photos?

Notwithstanding, her beauty is smitten and one cannot do without admiring the beautiful Ghana-born award winning actress, but when it becomes so obvious that the intention is to seek for attention, then it becomes somehow a case study.

Nadia’s recent change of hairdo from brunette to blonde leaves her fans all over to ask, ‘what next should we expect?’

See after the jump the new face of Nadia in blonde. Would you have preferred her in her old dark style or you simply think she is stunning in this photo below with her smokey red lip-stick? nadia

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