‘My Life, My Story’ premieres on TV Africa!

‘My Life, My Story’ A leper, the homeless, the convicted armed robber or murderer, all of these people were once just like you.

However, due to an unfortunate act or through their own actions, they are who they are today.

Regardless of the cause of their present predicament, these people provide some cautionary sign posts for all of us in our journey through life. The lessons we could gain from their stories could likely be the reminders or highlighters of the dangers in lives journey for others.

On TV Africa’s “My Life, My Story Medadwen”, you get a glimpse into real life stories of people who unfortunately have found themselves in lives wrong end. With expertly produced dramatizations, the programme will provide a vivid picture of the circumstances that led the leper or the murderer to their current conditions.

The programme will also provide expect options and advice for the viewer. The programme is scheduled to be premiered on Saturday 15th June, 2013 at the Ekua Boatemaa studio of TV Africa at 10a.m.

“My Life, My Story Medadwen” is expected to begin airing from Sunday the 23rd of June 2013 and every other Sunday on TV Africa at 7.30pm.

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