My Aim Was To Rally My Fans To Also Support Yaw Siki – Sonnie Badu

International act, Minister Sonnie Badu has cleared the air about his intentions to help hip-life turned preacher Yaw Siki.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Live FM, he noted that his intention was to help Yaw Siki and rally his fans to also support Yaw Siki. According to him, he did not have any intentions of embarrassing Yaw Siki, but the aim was to also send a message to any circular artiste who wants to give their life to Christ that there is hope in giving one’s life to Christ.

Sonnie Badu added that he was touched and he just wanted to help and mentor him as well. Sonnie disclosed that his motive was not for fame, but a reminder to him of his past life when he was not yet a minister of the word.

“My aim was to rally my people, my friends and my fans to show Yaw so much love that those who are outside nad in the world would know that there is much love in getting into Christ. I was every emotional to watch a young man to have the courage to preach in commercial vehicles”, he reiterated.

Sonnie disclosed in hisinterview that he did not even reveal to Yaw Siki the kind of help he wanted to support him with or even talk to him on phone,because the issue is not about myself but about supporting Yaw Siki.

“I never called him or granted any interview to anyone on the help I wanted to support him with. I only wanted to help and guide him”, he added.

Sonnie in a sober mood apologized to Yaw Siki if his post on social media made him embarrassed. He further revealed that he and his ministry are ever ready to support and mentor Yaw Siki, if he is ever ready to receive the support.  He noted that he respects Yaw’s decisions but there is still hope in Christ for all who wants to give their life to Christ because that is what being a Christian is all about.

“I still love him. I will support him and if I will advise him I will say that you still need to think about the future. Yaw Siki has made a great move and God is a right way. I am ever ready to help. If there is anything to support him, I am ever ready to do that. It is all about Christ, he stressed.

Readers are reminded that Sonnie Badu pledged support to help Yaw Siki after a video interview of   Yaw Siki video went viral that he had turned into a preacher and dwells on charity. Yaw rejected the help on reasons that Sonnie’s help to him was for fame.

Sonnie Badu is a multiple award winner based in the UK. He was recently honored with a National award for helping to promote peace and unity with his ministry.

Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu

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