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New Music: “Musuo” by Dada Hafco featuring Okyeame Kwame

Terry Boamah aka Dada Hafco, one half of the now defunct group Mframa has released a classic highlife single “Musuo” which features the “Rap Doctor” Okyeame Kwame.

“Musuo” a twi word which means an abomination, is a beautiful highlife piece which is set to become a household song for the matured minds and even anybody who has fallen a victim to such.

The main theme of the song is about a man from nothing who hustles his way to cater for the needs of a woman who was picked from the gutters.

The lady after being polished and becoming who she wants to be decides to forget about the man who gave her all that she has because she thinks she deserves better than that.

So the man after all this encounters, decides to tell the lady that, “if you are doing this after all that I’ve done for you, putting love aside because of money is a taboo”.

Asked why he chose this topic, the “Mensesa” and “Mayentena” hit maker said most songs these days are filled with disposable lyrics and he feels is about time we put good contents in our songs.Dada Hafco and Okyeame Kwame

“Most artistes sings about love songs without any direction but I wanna give you love songs that also comes to educate the public, besides these are problems lots of people encounter and is about time we address them through songs”.

The song starts with a beautiful live guitar with Okyeame Kwame introducing the artistes and the song.

Dada Hafco’s first verse comes in with the chorus and the hook which leads to the second verse.

A beautiful guitar solo steps in to introduce Rap Doctor’s verse, which is seen to be one of his best featuring verses.

Kwame was spot on with his word play, lyrical dexterity and his delivery power.

Dada Hafco is on the build up to his new album “New Era” which was due to be released this year but he has hinted that the album would rather be ready next year which will be his tenth year in the industry.

This masterpiece was produced by (DDT).

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