MUST WATCH VIDEO: Mzbel apologizes to Samini after rating him less

Singer, Mzbel, has apologised to Dancehall act, Samini, for a comment she made few weeks ago when she appeared as a guest on Let’s Talk Entertainment on Multi TV.

On the program, she chose Shatta Wale over Samini when asked which of the two was her favourite act.

She said: “I am a Shatta Walean. I love Samini but Shatta Wale is trending so I am for him. He is down to earth and inspires the people of the streets. Samini used to be that but he lost it!

Few weeks later, the “16 Years” composer has had a change of thought.

According to her, she didn’t know that there was a beef between the two Dancehall acts and that, her words were based on that fact that, the self-acclaimed Dancehall King was making waves and trending.

“I know a lot of people are disappointed in me for making that comment about Shatta Wale and Samini. But the thing is I have no idea … I didn’t know the extent of their beef,” she tells

“I really even didn’t know that there was a problem between the two of them. I spoke like a layman on the street who listens to music. And the thing is, nowadays everywhere you go, you hear Shatta Wale’s music played everywhere, every party, every event, every club.”

According to her, she had received lots of calls from influential people in the industry ever since she openly chose Shatta Wale over Samini. But she constantly stressed that, “Honestly, I didn’t mean any harm”, continuing that, if she knew of any problem between them, “I wouldn’t have commented at all.”

When asked if she had phoned Samini to apologise, and also explain to him what led to those comments, she said she hadn’t.

However, she mentioned to GhanaGist.Com that, she is in talks with some industry personnel, which include President of the Musicians Union of Ghana to assist her in apologizing to Samini, if whatever she had said infuriated him or his fans.

Watch the video below for full details

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