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Must Watch: Kofi Laing’s documentary “Kenkey Girl to Cover Girl” on #GhanaSpeaks

Kofi Laing has a good PR team or this mini documentary must be quite good. Either way you can’t go on any social media belt without stumbling on “Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl”.

It’s a modern day Cinderella type of story that takes you on an emotional journey and most people I know who have seen it have either cried or come close to doing so.

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So who is Kofi Laing? His pictures seems to be everywhere these days, tagged as the “Classic Man” either as an MC at an event sharply dressed or on TV and radio with Multi Media.

It turns out he was here to start a revolutionary show with Joy Prime which is encountering teething issues and in the interim has taken to radio and short documentaries like a fish to water.Kenkey girl and Kofi Laing (2)

If it’s indeed true that he has not schooled on journalism nor film production then kudos to him as this “Kenkey Girl To Cover Girl” is refreshing and from what we hear, it is written, produced and directed by himself.

It was also good to see local businesses, Catherine Garments and North Legon SPA sponsoring this initiative which focuses on enriching people’s lives.

So I guess the question is, do we get a follow up on the kenkey girl?

Will Kofi feed the masses with their thirst for this sort of entertainment and make this episode a blueprint of future ones?Kenkey girl and Kofi Laing (1)

So if you are reading this, i think it’s about time to step out of the woodwork and show us a little bit about who the man behind the facade really is?

Want to find out more…..


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