Must gospel music be spiritual or entertaining?

Sonnie Badu and Ohema MercyGospel music has come of age and has gone through metamorphoses for some period of time now. You can’t forget the likes of Professor Kofi Abraham, Abaawa Connie, Tagoe Sisters, Suzzy and Matt, Helina Rabbles, Amy Newman among others as far as gospel music is concerned.

Comparing today’s gospel songs to those of yesteryear, there has been a lot of changes. When it comes to content, those of old outweigh the current gospel songs we have today.

Many have said the reason for the poor content in our gospel music today is the fact that, the musicians today think about the business and the entertainment side than the spiritual aspect.

While many gospel pundits believe that gospel music should not be too commercialized, others also believe that the entertaining side which has been put in gospel music should be minimized a little bit right from the studio, through to the video shoot and on the performance of the artistes.

Gospel music should be ‘spiritualized’ the more and should be used to touch souls as in preaching the gospel than making it a money venture zone. Seeing the performance of Elder Kwasi Mireku, Elder Collins Amponsah, Apostle Oko Hackman and Cecilia Marfo among others send a picture to the ordinary man how gospel music should be treated.

Doing gospel music is just like a Pastor standing on a pulpit preaching or casting demons and any attempt of bringing it down to the stature of any other music will defeat its purpose.

This raises the question of whether or not a gospel musician must be a real Christian. My candid opinion is that a gospel musician must be a true believer and must live according to the word of God so as to be able to churn out songs that depict his or her true character.

God has ordered Christians to let their lives depict what they preach. Anything far from that is unfortunate.

If you are a gospel musician and you can’t live what you preach then you better stop doing gospel to go do secular music.

Having heard from us, what do you think?


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