Exercise restraint in enjoying music – MUSIGA

The Musicians Union of Ghana has called on the general public to exercise restraint in enjoying their music. 

The Union notes that much as Ghanaians should enjoy their music, there is the need for us to respect our sensibilities as a people. 

In the view of the Union, much as people enjoy the music and would like to display their enthusiasm for the songs, there is the need for people to be mindful of our cultural sensibilities. MUSIGA suggests that people should be morally responsible so that they tone down the sexuality of videos they make of their dances.

Members of the public have been calling on the Union to address musicians who do profane songs with lewd lyrics and also shoot sexually suggestive videos. Sometime last year, MUSIGA issued a statement calling on the National Media Commission, radio station executives and musicians to guard against sexually explicit or suggestive lyrics.

Ahuma Bosco Ocansey

Director of Communications and Special Projects

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