Musician Adeline Baidoo donates items to Justice Orphanage School

AdeMusician Adeline Baidoo may not be a popular face in the music scene but she is doing well with her song Oye Ewurade. Few days ago, the 29 year old musician who claims she hadn’t had it easy with her music career donated educational items to Justice Orphanage School at Ofuasi in the Eastern Region.

According to her, she is not happy seeing people struggle when she knows she can offer help. “ My growing up was difficult so I feel very bad seeing people struggle to  make ends meet. I will do anything to help the needy because that is a way of showing love as a child of God”

She told Newsone she would be reaching out to other orphanages through her ministry Adeline Baidoo ministry and added that anyone who wants to help can reach her through her ministry and donate whatever he or she has.

Ever since, Adeline entered into music she has never looked back but keep on giving Ghanaians the best in her.

About how she entered into movies, Adeline who has been singing in Churches for the past 10 years got the push by her church Holy Spirit Catholic Church, University of Education Winneba, and recorded her album Oye Ewurade.

Recorded by different sound engineers Chris Mix and Oso Music, Oye Ewurade which has 9- tracks  some of which are Come let us praise the lord, God is wonderful and Yedawase was out on February 17 this year.

On Oye Ewurade, Adeline describes how good the Lord has been saying God answers everything she seeks from the Lord. She goes on to say that everyone else should give his or her life to Jesus because He is their Lord and Personal Saviour.

Also on Yedawase, Adeline gives thanks to whatever situation she encounters and says God knows best why he made it happen. She also advises everyone not to blame God for their misfortune but rather thank him because He knows best why He made it happen.

Although Oye Ewurade is now picking up, Adeline is very confident that her song will be accepted by Ghanaians soon. “Oye Ewurade is barely a month old but I am glad it is picking up so fast and I know very soon Ghanaians will appreciate my work” Adeline told Newsone.

Inspired my Gospel musicians Esther Smith, Obaaba Christy, Bernice Offei and Cinder Thompson, Adeline said she was born into a family of music so writings songs is not that difficult for her.

“I have written down mind blowing songs and will be releasing it one after the other. Although I am new in the system I have come to make a mark and with my determination and hard work I know I will” Adeline confidently said.

Adeline said she usually gets quotations from the Bible and everyday happenings in writing her songs. To all those who made Oye Ewurade a reality Adeline says thank you. According to her God will not blessing any individual who have helped her this far.


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