MUSIC: ‘Yesu’ – Cwesi Oteng

Cwesi Oteng performing

Cwesi Oteng performing

Cwesi Oteng, has dropped a brand new single, ‘Yesu’ and is already receiving buzz for it. What has caught fans attention most is Cwesi switch to a mellow tempo composition with this new single and the highlight on his soulful vocal delivery that makes listeners tear up.

Ever since the release of his mega hit tune, ‘God Dey Bless Me’, it’s been fast tempo hits after hits for Cwesi Oteng. Hits including ‘Kabiyesi’, ‘I Win’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’, all of which are still receiving plaudits and have described him as a rock-gospel singer to being an Afro-pop gospel artiste. This time much to the awe of fans, Cwesi has released a mellow tune, ‘Yesu’.

Produced by Kofi DuaAnto (Koda), the orchestra-fused song is a tribute to Jesus, highlighting the ultimate sacrifice of love on the cross to save mankind. It is a reflective mellow tune that reminds of you of the Saviour’s selfless work and urges you worship and give thanks. Easter may be many days far away but it surely looks likely to be a big tune for the coming festive season.

‘I know a lot of people have asked why ‘Yesu’ because they didn’t expect me to release a song of such tempo and I tell them why not. There are so many sides to music gift and ministry which I am yet to show everyone. Thankfully, my new album coming will have loads to tell people. You are in for a treat in a couple of months. But before then it’s all about ‘Yesu’ for now. The emphasis is on the person of Jesus and His salvation works,” Cwesi revealed.

‘Yesu’ is the official third prelude single off Cwesi’s upcoming album after ‘I Win’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’ were released last year. ‘Yesu’ shows Cwesi’s versatility as a songwriter and singer and gives hint as to the diversity of sound and musical styles fans should expect on the much talked about forthcoming album.


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