Music & Lyrics! Noble Nketsiah releases ‘Woye Owura’

Gospel musician, Noble Nketsiah has released his very latest song titled, ‘Woye Owura’, literally, You Are Lord. 

Off his upcoming 6th album, this worship song seeks “to bless the listener and inspires them into deep worship, any day”, says Noble, who is currently out of the country preparing for his Europe Tour, expected to be launched in Italy in September.

Noble is on Showbiz Africa label. Download the song and check out the lyrics.

To download this song, hit… (audio download link)

Woye Owura Lyrics by Noble Nketsiah  

Nyame tumfo, woy3 k3se
Woy3 owura na wo tumi so
M3s)r wo, mede me tekyerema
Meyi way3 daa nyinaa

W’ab)de nyinaa kanfo wo
Wo nyuma nyinaa Ka wo k3se y3
Mes)r wo, mede mede tekyerema
Meyi wo ay3 daa nyinaa

Woy3 otumfo
)nwanwa ni ne wo
)sahene ee

Daa nyinaa, woy3 anwanwa de
Ns3nkyer3ne y3fo Nyame
Wode firi tete woy3 Onyame
Woy3 otumfo K3se

Woy3 owura woy3 owura
Wahendi to ntwa daa

Bo gyi Nyum), Bo gyi Nyum)
Omanky3 nyeli ns3 mfo daa

W’ahendi to ntwa daa (repeat)
Omanky3 nyeli ns3mfo daa (repeat)
Wahendi to ntwa daa.


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