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MultiChoice & Stanbic team with Slydepay, New Shows on Zee World and more this Week on DStv

MultiChoice Ghana Teams up With Stanbic Bank’s Slydepay

Multichoice, Africa’s pioneer digital pay TV provider, is constantly exploring new ways of adding to and improving the self service options that it offers its customers.   Multichoice has therefore recently partnered with Stanbic Bank to offer the option of paying monthly DStv and GOtv subscriptions with the Slydepay app.

The Slydepay app takes the cashless revolution further by providing carefully thought-of solutions for both web based and mobile environments allowing the payment of items without using cards, pins or passwords. It also provides insights and visibility into one’s spending and saving habits that can be linked to customers’ Visa card and it is not limited to Stanbic Account holders.

Slydepay can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and IOS Apps Store and has a robust security system that has been tried and tested by international standards and can be used to settle pre-paid and postpaid bills and easily transfer money from one wallet to another.

Cecil Sunkwa – Mills, General Manager for Multichoice Ghana, commented;  ‘This partnership with Stanbic’s Slydepay service greatly enhances the convenience of subscription payments, allowing our customers the flexibility of 24/7 payment anywhere in the country.  It is a very quick, simple and safe process and will enhance our customer’s satisfaction and promote growth’.

Nana Dwemoh Benneh, Head of Personal and Business Banking, Stanbic Bank said SlydePay is an addition to Stanbic Bank’s digital innovation product. “We have carefully put this together for our customers and non-customers to make payment very easy and secure, using our robust technology. We are excited by the fact that Slydepay is open to all and non Stanbic customers can also experience this cool innovation

Other DStv payment options include: Airtel money, MTN Money, TIgo cash, Express Pay, RPGL, Paymenx, all DStv offices and accredited dealers and selected banks.

MultiChoice Ghana Limited is Ghana’s premier pay television brand that provides subscriber management services to DStv and GOtv subscribers as well as marketing, sales, technical and installation support. MultiChoice Ghana has three offices strategically positioned in Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra, with a network of about 150 accredited dealers across the country.

MultiChoice’s DStv service offers packages allowing subscribers flexibility in pricing and choice, and range from DStv Premium, DStv Compact +, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access bouquets. Specialist bouquets offer a range of exciting channels that cater specifically to various cultural and language markets such as the Indian, French, Chinese and Portuguese bouquets.DStv

Zee World DStv Channel 166

Krishi week days at 8pm

The story of Krishi is of a woman who rises from modest beginnings to a successful career. Krishi Raj dreams of becoming a block development officer, her financial status however makes it difficult for her to afford a decent education. Her father and family have sacrificed to make sure that Krishi receives the education necessary to achieve her goal. Watch the captivating and uplifting story of Krishi and how she goes beyond all expectations to follow her dreams. Tune in 1 July at 22:00 CAT


ITV Choice DStv Channel 123

Long Lost Family: 3 July at 7pm

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present a documentary series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives. The series explores the background and context of each family’s estrangement and tracks the detective work and often complex and emotional process of finding each lost relative before they are reunited. Catch every Sunday from 3 July at 19.00 CAT

History DStv Channel 186

Roots (Premiere): Wednesdays at 20:30 CAT

As George grows to manhood, he exhibits traits of both his parents. Like Tom Lea, he falls in love with cockfighting and carousing. The old slave bird-handler, Mingo, resents George who eventually usurps his position as pit master.

The rakish George becomes such an accomplished trainer of gamecocks that he earns the sobriquet of “Chicken George”. George marries a preacher’s daughter, Matilda, and fathers many children. But George struggles to keep Tom Lea, his father, from his self-destructive ways. From Kizzy, George has inherited the strong traditions of family and a desire to be free. Starring Regé-Jean Page as Chicken George.

Boomerang DStv Channel 302

Oddbods (Brand new episodes): weekdays at 9am

In this slaptstick comedy series, seven colourful little characters join forces to make sure you laugh out loud. The ‘Oddbods’ are a contemporary take on classic comedic performances such as Laurel & Hardy, Charlie.Chaplin, the Three Stooges and Buster Keaton. Catch them every weekday at 11:00 CAT and Saturdays at 12:25 CAT.

Cbeebies DStv Channel 301

The Furchester Hotel: 4 July at 2:35pm

The Furchester Hotel follows the chaotic monsters in an almost world-class hotel run by a close-knit family of cheerfully chaotic monsters. The series, which is designed to encourage creative problem-solving, introduces brand new characters and also welcomes the beloved Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Tune in every Monday from 4 July at 16:35 CAT

Telemundo DStv Channel 118

If Only I Were You: weekdays at 2:20pm

Ines asks Yesenia to stop working because she seems really tired. Paloma and Leonardo go to see the house Paloma is buying for her and Cachito. Ignacio hits Elmer and asks him to tell him how he murdered Armando. Jonathan tells his mother that he is in love with a woman. Leonardo begins to recall some early memories. Nora tells Connie about her encounter with Humberto, and Leonardo asks Fernanda if she’ll let him stay. Tune in every weekday at 16:20 CAT


BBC Lifestyle Dstv Channel 174

Junior Bake Off: 4 July at 9am

The show returns with enthusiastic young cooks taking part in a culinary competition to determine which of them Britain’s best junior baker is. Challenges include tricky recipe for biscotti and lemonade, and create show-stopping racing-themed cakes. Followed by the Technical Challenge, where they will try to master Mary Berry’s recipe for marble cake. They must then make a splash in the Showstopper Challenges as they rustle up and present a selection of impressive under-the-sea-themed biscuits. Catch them everyMonday from 4 July at 11:00 CAT

MTV Base DStv Channel 322

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 4) : Thursdays at 7pm

The turbulent lives of Joseline, Rasheeda, Mimi and Karlie make for compulsive viewing in the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop’s highest-rated spin-off. Whether they’re snuggling up to their partners or hurling plates across a restaurant, these ladies bring new meaning to the phrase “all or nothing”. Catch them every Thursday at 17:00 CAT and the repeat at 21:00 CAT.


Nick Jr  DStv Channel 307

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Saturdays at 2:15pm

Every group of friends has their own unique set of skills, and if they’re monster trucks, even better! Watch Blaze, AJ, Starla, Darington, Zeg and the rest of the crew in all-new episodes of this fun educational series. While Blaze and his friends go on thrilling adventures, the young audience learns valuable lessons about science, engineering and maths, which are seamlessly woven into the narrative. Tune on every Saturday from 2 July at 16:15 CAT.

M-Net DStv Channel 101

The Catch (Premiere): Mondays at 8:30pm

 Shonda Rhimes (The Fixer, Grey’s Anatomy) produces this captivating crime thriller about a top financial investigator who goes after her cunning ex-fiancé, after he cons her out of millions of dollars.

BET DStv Channel 129

BET’s Eclipsed Special: 3 July at 6:00pm

Tune in to this multi-part docu-series for a behind-the-scenes look at the ground-breaking Broadway play Eclipsed. Written by Danai Gurira, directed by Liesl Tommy and starring Lupita Nyong’o, Eclipsed has been nominated for no less than 6 Tony Awards and is causing quite a stir as the first all-female all-black production in Broadway history. Sundays at 20:00 CAT.

Comedy Central DStv Channel 122

Betty White’s Off their Rockers: Tuesdays at 6:35pm

Betty White and her fearless band of senior citizens continue their mission to execute clever pranks, resulting in priceless reactions captured by hidden cameras. The group of pranksters has struck all across the US looking for younger, unsuspecting marks. In iconic locations ranging from Central Park to Capitol Hill, no one is safe from their outrageously funny pranks. Tuesdays at 20:35 CAT

TLC Entertainment DStv Channel 136

Belief: ‘Act of Faith: 3 July at 6:55pm

Our beliefs can be powerful guiding forces enabling us to endure and overcome some of the most difficult situations. In this episode, everyone faces a challenge, and they find their strength from a variety of sources. In Topeka, Kansas, Judi Bergquist visits her son’s killer in prison with the hope that the act of forgiveness will help them both move forward with their lives. In Guanajuato, Mexico, Enedina Cuellar Pacheco is riding on horseback with Christ’s Cowboys in the hopes that a miracle heals her son who suffered traumatic injuries in a car accident. Sunday, 03 July at 20:55 CAT


Crime & Investigation DStv Channel 170

On The Case with Paula Zahn: 1 July at 7:00pm

American journalist Paula Zahn (pictured) steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations. She tracks the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case, including detectives, the families of the victims, barristers, solicitors and secures the first-time TV interviews with the convicted murderers. Fridays from 1 July at 21.00 CAT.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil: 2 July at 7:50pm

This insightful series profiles the sinister legends of the street: the most notorious kingpins and the most merciless thugs law enforcement has ever confronted. Through a combination of rare archival footage and interviews with real associates, as well as the police officers and detectives who made their names tracking down these professional criminals, this series unveils the unfettered and unflinching truth behind the myths. Saturdays from 2 July at 21.50 CAT.

Disney Channel DStv Channel 303

Thank Disney it’s Thursday: Thursdays at 4:40pm

Thursdays are big days on Disney Channel in July as Thank Disney it’s Thursday continues. The weekly block is packed with premieres from 17:25 to 19:05 CAT. These entertainment extravaganzas contain premiere episodes of Alex & Co, Girl Meets World, Liv and Maddieand the season two launch of Binny and the Ghost. Don’t miss old favourites and premiere episodes on Thursdays in July from 17:25 CAT.

Starting with Binny and The Ghost: When 13 year old Binny’s family moves to an old house in Berlin, she discovers an unexpected and unwanted room-mate. He’s Melchior, ghost of a 14 year old boy born in 1899! Season two of Binnny and the Ghost launches in Thank Disney It’s Thursday at 18:40

Disney Junior DStv Channel 309

P J Masks: weekdays at 4:00pm

Catboy, Gekko and Owlette… together, they are PJ Masks. Connor, Greg and Amaya are three normal friends by day, but once the sun goes down they become The PJ Masks!  Join the gang of super heroes in pyjamas as they return for more adventures, to solve mysteries, work together and learn valuable lessons here. Premiere episodes of PJ Masks air on weekdays from Monday 4 to Friday 15 July at 18:00 CAT.

Disney XD DStv Channel 304

Marvel Avengers: Ultron Revolution: 2 July at 6:10am

Marvel’s Avengers are back on Disney XD this month with a brand new season and a new name. In the first episode, entitled Adapting to Change, the Avengers learn what it’s like to work as a team again and battle A.I.M.’s latest weapon – a new and improved Super Adaptoid developed by the Scientist Supreme. Premiere episodes of Marvel Avengers: Ultron Revolution air from Saturday 2 July at 08:10 CAT.

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