MultiChoice Ghana to launch DStv Now App

Starting 11th December 2014, all DStv subscribers can download the DStv Now app for their various android and iOS platforms to enjoy the full DStv services. MultiChoice will be introducing DStv Now, a new App across Africa that allows subscribers to watch all their favorite Catch Up titles plus selected live TV channels on one device.

DStv has always been the best destination for the best channels and entertainment – delivering to subscribers a bouquet of Movies, Series Sport and so much more! Now with the introduction of the new DStv Now App subscribers can stay connected to the world of DStv – giving them access their favorite programs on Catch Up plus the best series, movies, sport highlights and kids entertainment.

Currently on offer to DStv Premium subscribers the App will be available on both IOS and Android tablet and phone.

DStv Now brings you whatever content you want; you can watch the latest in sport, music, news and the freshest series, movies and more. It gives you the convenience of watching great content whenever you want; it’s your PVR in your pocket. Now is available to DStv Premium subscribers with a PVR/Explora. DStv Now can be accessed through 3G, 4G or wifi – Please note data charges apply and subscribers will have to pay this at rates stipulated by their mobile and internet service providers.DSTV Logo

LIVE TV on the go!

The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday 09 December 2014 7:00PM GMT | BET (135)

Hosted by the unique, distinctive and entertaining personality that is Wendy Williams, this provocative talk-show features a mix of celebrity interviews and performances with guests from television, film, music and sports.

During popular segments “Ask Wendy” and “Hot Topics”, Williams offers real advice to audience members looking for solutions to problems and her own unpredictable, honest and opinionated take on the juiciest headlines.

Top African Fashion Tuesday 09 December 2014 7:00PM GMT | TRACE Sport Stars (188)


In these times of high fashion, international celebrity and social media, it’s no surprise that the sporting world has joined in the fun! Increasingly there are teams that blend the worlds of fashion and sport, putting their innovative creations out there for the whole world to see, setting an agenda for style and swagger.

There is no continent more flamboyant and daring in its kit design and team apparel than Africa, so this show takes a look at the splashes of colour and strokes of genius that make the most famous African teams stand out from the crowd!

Find out which team is dripping swag Tuesday 9 December at 7:00PM GMT on TRACE Sport Stars

Hey Arnold! Wednesday 10 December 2014 3:25PM GMT | NickTOONS (308)


Arnold is a fourth grader who lives in a boarding home with his grandparents. He can sometimes be carried away on crazy flights of fantacy, but his best friend Gerald keeps him grounded. Together they battle the school bully and get up to all sorts of adventures.

Tune in to NickTOONS on Wednesday 10 December at 3:15PM GMT to watch Hey Arnold!

Broken Angel Wednesday 10 December 2014 4:00PM GMT | Telemundo (507)

Santa wants to file charges against Ines, but the plot thickens as Begoña suggests to her that it may be Francisca that wants her dead.

Beyond Magic with DMC Wednesday 10 December 2014 6:05PM GMT | National Geographic (181)

British magician and card shark to the world’s elite, Drummond Money-Coutts, embarks on an international journey, going from London to Paris with a final destination of Bangkok.

DMC explores the thrilling and high stakes world of card tricks.

Through breath-taking stunts and street demonstrations, Drummond reveals the secrets behind advanced card play, card cheating and the dark art of card magic.

Watch Beyond Magic with DMC on Wednesday 10 December at 6:05PM GMT on National Geographic.

Houdini Thursday 11 December 2014 6:00PM GMT | Lifetime (131)

Before Blaine and Copperfield, there was the man who invented it all: Harry Houdini, perhaps the world’s greatest performer. Adrian Brody will star in this epic two-part mini-drama series about the master escapist.

Houdini is the story of a man who can defy death, but who was the man behind the magic? An immigrant from Eastern Europe, Erich Weiss rose in America to become the top of Vaudeville becoming a world renowned household name – Houdini.

The tale follows Harry Houdini as he finds fame, engages in espionage, battles spiritualists, and encounters the greatest names of the era, from US presidents, to Arthur Conan Doyle and Rasputin. This drama chronicles his life through his stunts, his visions, and his mastery of illusion. Houdini will keep you asking, what’s real and what’s illusion?

Oprah’s LifeClass: Colourism Thursday 11 December 2014 6:55PM GMT | TLC Entertainment (172)

It’s an issue that wreaks havoc among African-American, Asian, Indian and Latin American communities: colorism. What is it, and why has it led to discrimination for hundreds of years?
Watch as Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant address the prejudices and misconceptions associated with light and dark skin. Watch Oprah’s LifeClass: Colourism on Thursday 11 December at 6:55PM GMT on TLC.

The Even Steven Movie Friday 12 December 2014 10:14PM GMT | Disney XD (304)


The Stevens think they’ve struck it lucky when they get told they’ve won a magical holiday to a distant tropical island. Little do they know the rather unpleasant island inhabitants are actually actors who are part of a reality TV show, and the Stevens are their unlucky dupes!

Dial into Disney XD on Friday 12 December at 10:14PM GMT to watch as the Stevens dream holiday quickly becomes a nightmare in The Even Steven Movie.

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