MTN Hitmaker 4: Originality Still Rules

The contest for the ultimate prize at this season’s MTN Hitmaker is not only between the remaining 7 contestants but also a battle amongst three of the finest beatmakers in Ghana.

Richie is seen by many as a man of many talents, he is an amazing singer, world class beatmaker and an artiste manager as well.

Magnom is a legend when it comes to making hip hop beats, we are yet to see a beat he makes that does not become an instant hit or win an award.

Kaywa is a household name when it comes to making beats for all genres when you hear “kase kaywa” in a beat you know that it has the stamp of the master beatmaker himself.

Between these three beatmakers one can expect nothing short of quality and well produced songs of world class standard.

These three beatmakers individually bring to the table their own unique qualities but one thing is common to all, they give their best and do not settle for less. However, this week, these beatmakers outdid themselves and it was clear that they had taken the competition personal.

Who wouldn’t considering the GHC10,000 cash and the bragging rights for making the winning beat for the MTN Hitmaker season 4, is at stake.

These beatmakers were represented excellently by their contestants, Team Richie began the competition with four contestants but after four evictions only two contestants, Oneday and Gunshot, are left standing. Returning from an energetic performance last week, Oneday showed a softer side of himself this week as he performed his song titled “Salamatu”, an authentic modern highlife song.

The judges, at least two of them, were not very impressed though, Eazzy and Okyeame Kwame did not enjoy it but surprisingly Akwesi Aboagye did. Given the fact that he impressed judge Kwesi, one could say that Oneday did a good job after all. The other member of Team Richie was also not able to sway all three judges.

Performing his own song “Gbo ni ma wo” Gunshot was able to get the crowd standing from beginning to end. His chorus was catchy and he got everyone singing along. Okyeame Kwame was pleased with Richie’s production but not very enthused about gunshot performance on stage, Eazzy thought his performance was not well coordinated and Akwesi Aboagye entreated him to work on his breath control.

The Magnom Team is also down to two contestants after having began the competition with four. CJ and Yaw are the last two contestants standing. Magnom who is known for his hip-hop beats had to show his versatility in making beats for two different contestants, a rapper and a singer and judging by the comments from the judges, he did a good job. CJ was extra confident. This could have been because he had a point to prove after having narrowly survived the most dreaded eviction, or maybe to justify why he was the breakout winner last week. Performing his own song, “Food bombers” CJ was simply on fire. He performed like a star, was able to synchronize with the dancers, engaged the crowd and had the crowd chanting his name after the performance. But not all the judges say this, Akwesi thought he was shouting and urged him to work more with his dancers. Eazzy and Okyeame Kwame disagreed with Akwesi, they thought he was a good rapper and they loved the fact that he could hold the attention of the crowd. The kid danger, also a member of The Magnom Team was the toast of all three judges and why not, his first moved excited the crowd performing his song “Borla car” he gave the audience more than they bargained for. Dance moves, voice dexterity, stage craft and when he climaxed his performance by lying on the stage, the crowd went gay. He got the judges to love him with that performance, Akwesi Aboagye applauded his daring attempt, Eazzy said it was a well written song and Okyeame Kwame gave him a perfect score of 100%.

Team Kaywa is the only team with three contestants left standing, and in an attempt to keep it that way each of them stepped up and gave it their best. For instance Abena performed her own song “Maba” like a professional and gave us a different side of her, she danced and had fun on stage, her voice quality was not in doubt and Okyeame Kwame loved the fact that she made a song that sounded like an already hit song and of course he loved her amazing voice. “Girl you slayed the vocals” were Eazzy’s words but Akwesi Aboagye had a different opinion. He did not like the fact that she was still shy and urged her to completely break out of her shell. The other member of Team Kaywa, Kidi, who also won the break out moment of the week outdid his awesome performance last week. With a voice dexterity that was out of this world,  Kidi’s swag was on point, confidence on point, stage craft was like that of a star performer and he delivered an extra ordinary performance. His song “Never again” was so well performed that he got Eazzy to give him a standing ovation and loved the fact that he showed passion on stage. Akwesi Aboagye said he was already a hitmaker and Okyeame Kwame said his performance was the best performance of the night. The last member of the team brought his uniqueness on stage once again. Efo performing “Keep Ghana Clean” used the stage to keep us educated and show his comedy rap skills. All three judges loved the lyrical content but were not swept off their feet by the performance.

Originality still rules at the MTN Hitmaker 4 competition as the beatmakers and contestants compete for honors. Catch the weekly performances this and every Wednesday at 5.30 pm at the National Theatre. It was sad to see Awurama leave the competition but it reminded us all that it was not enough to cheer your favorite contestant but you must also vote. So show your support by texting the name of your favorite contestant to MTN short code 1762 on MTN and all other networks.

MTN Hitmaker 4 is an MTN initiative, supported by Oak Plaza Hotel and Huawei and produced by Charterhouse.

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