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MTN Hitmaker 4: Four Evicted, Eight Remain In The Competition

After the show of originality last week, the stakes were high and there was more at stake as the contestants in week four had to perform to some of GH’s hit tracks. The competition is getting fiercer by the week, the contestants are feeling the pressure and they are stepping up to the challenge.

Being a hitmaker is not easy, you would have to dazzle the judges with your swag, confidence and skills but most importantly you must survive the weekly evictions. As usual, the excitement turned to tension when Peace Hyde called for the eviction results.

Tension was written on all but three faces, Kidi, Yaw and CJ by virtue of being breakout nominees were safe from eviction. Whilst CJ went on to win the breakout prize of the week, Oneday, Glory and Awurama were in the bottom three.

Sadly enough, Glory’s dance moves and voice quality in week three could not save him from eviction as he was the fourth person to be evicted from the competition. Excitement crept in with eviction out of the way, CJ as the first performer had a huge task.

He had to set the stakes high and live up to his status as reigning breakout nominee. He stepped on stage to perform “KwaKwa” by Kwaw Kesse. He delivered a floorless and exciting performance. Even though the judges were not thrilled by his introduction, they applauded his confidence on stage.

Two time breakout winner, Abena was next. Last week she did not completely sway the judges so she had to deliver double of her efforts and she did just that. Performing Mary Agyapong’s “Ade der der” she dazzled all three judges.

She took the advice of the judges last week and showed us her feminine side. She confidently flirted with the song and delivered a sweet performance. The judges could not help but notice her effort, Okyeame Kwame applauded her for singing a version of the song he had always wanted to hear, Eazzy loved how she picked a low key song and delivered it beautifully but Akwesi Aboagye was not blown away by her voice.

Gunshot was next, he had to raise the tempo in the building after Abena’s performance and he did just that. He performed an amazing rendition of Shatta Wale’s “Like My Thing”, as usual he was energetic and engaged the crowd throughout his performance and this was his most confident performance since the competition began.

All the judges loved his performance, Akwesi Aboagye loved the fact that it was the first time he could hear him clearly, Eazzy was excited about Gunshot’s uniqueness and Okyeame Kwame gave him a well done for his energetic performance.

Efo was next; he has carved a niche for himself with his uniqueness on stage. He picked a song by one of GH’s finest rappers, Obrafour so he had some huge shoes to fill. Though his task was hard, he stepped up and brought his uniqueness to bare on this GH classic hit, “Kwame Nkrumah”. Even though the judges loved his performance and the fact that he was the only one who brought props on stage, Akwesi Aboagye urged him to use his props next time.

The Kid danger himself was next. Week after week, Yaw proves to us why they say big things come in small packages. He walked on to the Hitmaker stage and showed everyone his versatility. Yaw performed to Akatakyie’s “Mi Hemaa” and he was simply exciting to watch. He added rap skills to his abilities and Okyeame Kwame was impressed at what he saw from Yaw. This exciting performance notwithstanding. Eazzy and Akwesi Aboagye did not really enjoy it; Okyeame Kwame on the other hand loved the fact that had brought some swag to highlife music.

Awurama was next and she had to make a lasting impression. Being in the bottom three twice in a row is good enough to push her to show the judges what she had been keeping inside of her. She performed a fun version of Mzbel’s “16 Years” and showed her rap skills. The judges gave her thumbs up for breaking out of her shell but encouraged her to project her vocals next time.

Then came the swag king of the night, Kidi. He got the crow standing from the beginning of his performance to the end. Performing Kontihene’s “Esi”, Kidi found a way of bring R n B to highlife, he was extremely confident, his stage command was on point, his performance as energetic and he delivered a floorless star performance.

The verdict of the judges was unanimous, Akwesi Aboagye said he was the only contestant to who had been able to move him all night and the only one who got it right. Eazzy said he delivered a performance she had been waiting for and Okyeame Kwame loved the fact that he danced.

One day crowned it all as he stepped into the shoes of show stopper Samini. Performing to Samini’s “Samini”, he wowed everyone and the judges loved the fact the he was able to sustain his energy all through the performance.

The Hitmakers and their beatmakers return this Wednesday, 5.30 pm at the national theater for a night of exciting performances. The competition is getting keener and you have 60% of the vote weighting. Keep your favorite contestant in the competition by simply texting his or her name to MTN short code 1762 on MTN and all other networks.

MTN Hitmaker 4 is produced by Charterhouse, supported by Oak Plaza Hotel and Huawei and proudly sponsored by MTN.InstaShot_20150831_123349[1] InstaShot_20150831_123134[1]





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