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MsNaa is back on YFM

YFM Morning show host Naa Adzorkor Addo, also known as MsNaa is back on air, months after going on leave. She returned to the show on Monday morning, taking over from sit-in-host Babbie Dappah.

Miss Dapaah was asked to sit in for the former, after it became necessary for her to go on a year’s maternity leave. Station sources tell Dappah will now host the Sunday afternoon Homegrown show. She will be supported by DJ Willie Jnr.

A return that is set to once again strengthen the station’s hold on urban radio in the mornings, the no-nonsense presenter is back to a familiar slot she helped built from scratch.

It is not clear why she is returning to the show earlier than her stipulated one-year leave except to say she is also making a comeback just in time as judge for this year’s Vodafone Icons music reality television show, which has since wrapped up auditions.

One of Accra most listened-to-voices on radio, MsNaa has come a long way from the days of Groove 106.3 FM (which has since morphed into ADOM FM), to a point where she now has an incredible following.

Her hosting the YFM Morning Show for years, has caused many station managers, whose target is similar to YFM’s, sleepless nights, as she is able to draw a large pool of listeners to the 107.9 dial. Story.

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