“Moyes will come good,” Nana Aba Anamaoh tells Francis Doku #FridayTwitterview

In the maiden edition of his #FridayTwitterview (an interview with stars, celebrities, radio and TV presenters via Twitter) Francis Doku, whose Twitter moniker is @TheGHMediaGuru, spoke with TV3′s leading female presenter Nana Aba Anamoah aka @thenanaaba on Friday January 10, 2014.

TV3 Presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah

TV3 Presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah

The full interview is produced below:

Question: First of all let’s know how has the year 2014 been so far, Nana Aba?
Answer: My son is happy, that’s all I need.
Question: Did you make any major resolutions?
Answer: I never do. 2013 was great so I’ll just coast on.
Question: Do you expect any major thing to happen to you or any loved one of yours this year?
Answer: I just want to be blessed with good health.
Question: Let’s talk about TV3. For how long have you been working with TV3 and why have you stayed that long?
Answer: 9. I love the media, I enjoy it. I don’t see myself doing same on another platform in this country. If I quit I’m on my own.
Question: If you quit the media you will be on your own doing what?
Answer: Plans kept to my chest at the moment. You’ll be the first to know.
Question: Have ever had the urge to leave TV3 during these 9 years of working with them?
Answer: Oh yes. At some point I wanted to.
Question: Many of your colleagues including Roland, Kyere, Henry, Hayford and Amfo left last year. What’s keeping you?
Answer: We were employed individually. We have different goals….I’m happy for them…I am happy here.
Question: Whatever is keeping you must be good. Could it be the money?
Answer: The money is great….my colleagues are fantastic…working environment is fab.
Question: Since being at TV3, which programmes have you hosted and which of them have you loved the most?
Answer: News, Business time, special events eg elections, Divas show, new day. My favourite is the NEWS.
Question: What makes the news your favourite?
Answer: That’s what I always wanted to do. Since age 9.
Question: Who influenced you at that age to decide to become a news presenter?
Answer: Barbara Gaise. Saw her on TV during a school break. I was in awe. Her diction, pronunciation, intellect, beauty.
Question: When I met you some 10 years ago, you were a strong feminist. Are you still an adherent of feminism?
Answer: I stopped being one 8 years ago. I guess I was so because of my experiences with my son’s dad.
Question: Is it an experience you want to talk about?
Answer: Absolutely. There’s nothing beautiful about teenage pregnancy. I don’t regret having my son, but I don’t condone teenage preggers.
Question: Great view you have there. Where is your son now? How do you relate to his father, if you do?
Answer: My son is home now.lol albeit he wished his father helped with homework. Last time we saw him, JY was 2!
Question: How old are you? Where are your parents? How many siblings do you have and where are they?
Answer: My parents are alive thankfully. I have 4 siblings.
Question: Planning on having more children? Are you going out (with whom)? Planning on getting married soon?
Answer: Yes, I’d love to have another child. Yes, I’m in love with a certain someone…LOL. We are comfy dating. Marriage? LOOOOL
Question: You swerved my marriage question but cool. Tell me about how you got caught on the love of Man United.
Answer: Marriage scares me. I run from a marriage proposal two years ago. I guess I’m not ready…plus marriage is not for everyone.
Question: Watched the movie “The Runaway Bride” before? Answer my United Question.
Answer: Manchester Utd is a way of life for me. I’ve seen them play severally and that never give up attitude inspires.
Question: You think Moyes will come good? Are you among the “sack Moyes Brigade”? Will United win anything this season?
Answer: Moyes will come good. Taking over from SAF was never going to be easy. Trophies this season? not sure. But Moyes needs time.
Question: How political are you? How religious are you?
Answer: I am very spiritual person. I have very strong views on being spiritual and religious. Maybe if we have time one day…
Question: Who is your role model?
Answer: Esther Cobbah of Stratcom Africa.
Question: Who is your best friend and why?
Answer: I don’t have one.
Question: Will you cry if Twitter were to fold up today?
Answer: Lol nope. I’ll be upset for an hour, I guess.
Question: Finally, Nana Aba, do you in all sincerity think there is any hope for this country? Are we going to make it?
Answer: I think there is hope for Ghana if we change the way we elect our leaders. Focus more on issues… else it’s a hopeless situation.

Thank you very much for your time. That was 2 hours of good banter on the maiden edition of @TheGHMediaGuru’s #FridayTwitterview.

NB: You can read the entire interview on Twitter by searching with the hashtag #FridayTwitterview.

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