Movie producers turn against themselves?

After 20 years of producing movies, Socrate Safo is now about turning his back to movies because the business is no longer profitable.

He told Showbiz last Monday that, until his colleague movie producers put a stop to giving their movies to television stations to show for free, the business will collapse soon.

“I can’t invest big in a movie only for my other colleague producers to give their movies to television stations to show for free. People are no longer buying movie because they now watch it free on television this is why I want to take a break” Socrate said.

Socrate Safo who is behind movies such as Hot Fork, Adult Only, Love and Sex among others revealed that meetings have been held several times to stop producers from sending their movies to the television stations but one still finds some producers giving their works out.

These usually young producers, he said, just want to be popular and therefore produce movies and give themfor free to TV stations.

He said that producers of particulaly twi movies have been involved in the giveaway practice. “You cannot control producers of Twi movies because there are over 100 of them who do things their ownj way unlike the English language a movie producers who are just few in number.

Socrate Safo

Socrate Safo

“My advice to the TV stations is that if they continue showing these free movies it will get to a time when they wouldn’t get any movie  to show  because most producers will stop producing” Socrate pointed out.

Popular movie producer Mustapha Adams better known as A.A shared similar sentiments with Socrate. Mustapha Adams told Showbiz that although adverts are always running on television promoting new movies, producers always run at a loss.

“I lost big time on my last two productions. It is discouraging to put in money for a production and at the end people don’t purchase your movie simply because they get to watch others free on television” Mustapha Adams expressed.

According to him, his checks revealed that it is not only upcoming producers who give their movies to TV stations for  free to be famous but renowned producers also sell their to the TV stations.

Mustapha Adams who has been producing movies for over 10 years said he will advise himself  should the situation remain the same.

Producer Paul Gee who would not speak much about the situation simply said the issue is really affecting every movie producer both in Accra and in Kumasi.

According to him, because there is no law as to who is qualified to be a movie producer, anyone can just wake up and with no experience do movies and give it to whomever he feels like.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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