Movie enthusiasts fall in love with actor Albert Dzah in ‘Any More Women’

Any More Women? premiere

Ghanaian actor and TV series icon, Albert Dzah who is well known for his gentle and soft roles got more love from movie enthusiast as he revealed another side of his talent in the yet to be released movie ‘Any More Women’ which was premiered at the National Theatre some few days ago in Accra.

The actors name David in the movie was on almost every smiling lips being the subject of discussion right after the first show making him the most discussed character after the premiere.

Being the topic for discussion, this reporter had to get closer to him for the secret that made him ‘killed his roles’.

Speaking to the gentle looking actor, he said he was over whelmed by the compliments that are flooding in on him after the premiere and went on to say that is another side of him and what he stands for ‘creativity and talent’.

According to him, the secret is very simple; he worked on himself and was also challenged by the director of this particular movie. He went on to say that it is time directors challenge movie characters or actors with roles and not just cast out of their marketing perspective.

“It’s true every producer need to make profit or get the money he invest in a movie back but trust me they can still make it with a good story line and a well-directed movie.”

“It shouldn’t also be about known faces. Actors in the industry needs that competition, they need to be auditioned for their roles and not the other way round where producers go begging them to be part of a movie project. In this case it affects the entire industry in a way. Give roles to those that fits into them and not ‘good looking’ characters,” he said.

The actor who has always embraced challenging roles was in his best elements and one can easily tell from the expressions on the faces of movie enthusiasts who trooped in to the National Theatre to watch the premiere of the latest movie in town ‘Any More Women’.

He revealed his scenes in ‘Any More Women’ are just a bit of his creativity he’s due to showcase in his acting career in the coming years and loves to watch himself over and over again in the movie.

The movie which was produced by GISIM studios and directed by Oheneba Acheampong is due to be released later this year.

By Reagan O.O Osarfo


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