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MOVIE CAST AWARDS 2017: A Game Changer for the Movie Industry?

A new award scheme christened “Movie Cast Awards, West Africa” is about to take recognition and acknowledgement of the work of film actors and actresses to a different level.

The Ghana Movie Industry over the years has known just a single award ceremony that runs with a faculty whose priority is to examine and critique movie productions.

The faculty that is set by the awards organizers have an onerous task of examining and analyzing all movies presented for nominations; by checking and critiquing picture quality, visual effects, story line and the cast.

In all other awards including movie awards, the faculty or nominations board share the responsibility by percentages in determining who deserves whichever award in all categories presented to the general public.

In most cases, the faculty or nominations board have 30 to 50 percent of the power that determines a winner whilst the general public  have 30 to 60 percent power and they express it through sms voting monitored by contracted agencies.

Due to the technical nature of the entire process, some actors and movie fanatics get disappointed in the outcome of the awards, especially when their favourite actor, actress or movie does not win the categories they expect them to bag home.

A fraction of the public takes to social media to criticize and condemn the scheme, at the same time defending and consoling nominees who could not win.

However, the organizers of the “Movie Cast Awards, West Africa has revealed the power to select and nominate who the best actor or actress would be taken from faculties and given to the general public to determine.

This award scheme is not going to take the form and structure of the already existing awards schemes known to the populace.

It does not only give the power to select winners to the general public but would also be powered by a reality show that would run for 3 months on TV. The process is aimed at giving the patrons of the movies a chance to choose who they think deserve to be awarded.

For organizers of the “Movie Cast Awards 2017”,  it is a dawn of a new era and direction where 100% power is given to the movie fans to decide who wins what.

So, will the trend of movie awardees change to make way for some new unsung heroes or the trend will remain the same?

Keep watching this space for more updates on the Movie Cast Awards.

“Movie Cast Awards 2017”, …where the voice of movie fans count!

By: Listowell Acquaye |

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