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Movie actors shot at after being mistaken for thieves


A movie-making scene turned bloody last week when a 19-year-old lad was shot and injured by a passerby who mistook the scene for a real-life incident.

The man who delivered the shot, a driver of a saloon car, had heard people shouting ‘dzulor’, ‘dzulor’ (the Ga word for thief) and fired a gun from his moving car, injuring Solomon Agyei, who was standing in front of his mother’s shop and watching the actors and the production crew.

The bullet hit Agyei in the right shoulder.

The incident happened on the Bubuashie Olla Balm road during the shooting of a movie by the Joe Gray Movie Production House about 4 p.m. on February 28, 2014.


An eyewitness told the Daily Graphic that the producers were filming a scene which involved a lady’s bag being snatched by two men on a motorbike.

According to her, she had seen one of the men on the motorbike snatch the lady’s bag “and the lady started screaming and calling for help to the effect that she had been attacked by thieves”.

As part of the movie, a number of other actors came around and started shouting ‘Dzulor’, ‘Ewi oo’, while they ran after the men on the motorbike.

The eyewitness said she suddenly saw someone in a saloon car pull out a gun and fire three times in the direction of the men on the motorbike, but the shots missed them and hit the victim instead.

Car number 

“I am sure when the man in the saloon car heard the people shouting ‘thief’, ‘thief’, he thought it was a real scene and so he decided to shoot the ‘thieves’ but he missed his target. It appears he is not a good marksman,” the eyewitness said, as she pointed to two bullet marks on a wall close to the shop.

After the victim had been shot, she said, the driver of the car stopped briefly but onlookers, including the producers of the movie, were afraid to approach him, as he was armed.

Then shortly after that, the eyewitness said, the man in the saloon car drove away without the confused onlookers taking down the car number.

Kaneshie Police 

The victim was rushed to the nearest clinic and the case reported to the Kaneshie Police.

He was treated and has since been discharged.

The Kaneshie District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Fleance Adika, confirmed the incident to the Daily Graphic and stated that the police were still investigating the matter.

He said the police were yet to identify the gunman and make an arrest, as eyewitnesses and the movie production crew were unable to capture the car number or tell the exact make of the car.

Credit: Daily Grapic

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