Move on and forget about Hakeem – Elikem tells Cleo #bigbroafrica

It’s almost the end of every Housemates Chase and soon they will be back in the real world. Some Housemates, such as Beverly and her man Angelo are weary of the fact that their relationship won’t make it through the hardships of the outside world. As if to brace her for this, Elikem told Cleo that holding a candle for Zimbabwe’s Hakeem will not necessarily be the right move for her and she should consider moving on.

In the wee hours of the morning, Elikem and Cleo were having a heart-to-heart as they spoke about what they’ll be doing when they leave Biggie’s House. It came to a point where the Ghanaian tailor told the Zambian to move on with her life and forget about Hakeem who’s been out of the House for over a month now.

Elikem first lined out that Hakeem had been close to Kenyan beauty Huddah who was one of the first two to leave The Chase and when she left she kissed Hakeem and told him she’d miss him the most. Elikem also stressed that Hakeem could not be trusted because he refused to befriend his fellow country mate and his lover Pokello. With all this evidence packing against Hakeem, we wonder if the Ice Queen will take his advice into consideration.

This is still a game however, and Elikem could be toying with Cleo’s feelings just to get her distracted now that they are so close to winning the money…or he could be looking out for his dear friend and Housemate. It’s a tricky one Cleo. What will you do?

Do you think Elikem’s intentions are pure?

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