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#MotivateGhana: My Dad Shattered My Dreams But I’m Proud To Own A Fast Food Restaurant  

His dreams of becoming a military man couldn’t come to pass due to his dad’s failure to further his education. Education for him ended after Junior High level at Kwashieman JHS when his dad disappointed him by saying he won’t invest his money again in his education just as he did to his other siblings.

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He explained that, this has really affected him in a way especially when he sees some of his colleagues and play mates that he grew up with, in their official attire going to the office and driving flashy cars.

But the 28yr old young man boldly told the Motivate Ghana team that he is proud he does not have to go and steal to get his daily bread but owns a fast food restaurant.Resurrection Fast Food

“Just after I finished writing my Basic Education Certificate Examination, my dad had told me that he does not believe in education and assured me of not continuing to invest his money on our education. But due to my hard work I can proudly say that own myself a fast food restaurant with four employees that I pay them salaries”

Matthew Kofi Arthur began his struggle to life as a filling station attendant at Avella Oil. He then moved to work as a waiter at Decent Fast Food in Lapaz – Accra. At Decent Fast Food, even though Kofi didn’t know anything about the job, he gave out his love for the job and developed the habit for cooking.During his days as a feeling station attendant

His boss had believed in his hard work and left the job in his care to travel abroad. As young and innocent as Kofi was, he took good care of the fast food as if it was his and made sure he saved every little that he made. Three years after his boss had returned home, Kofi decided to leave Decent Fast Food to establish his own fast food.

With just GH₵500 Kofi hired a small plot and bought all the little things that will keep him moving for a start. Despite all the challenges he went through, he did not give up. He stood very firm and continued to work towards his goals. He has moved from a table top fast food vendor to become a lucrative fast food vendor.Matthew's begining as a Table Top Fast Food Vendor

“I didn’t find it easy in 2009 when I decided to leave Decent Fast Food to start my own. I started from a very small corner with the hope that one day I shall become a successful man. I went through a lot of challenges especially working as a starter with four employees but that did not deter me”

He added that, his boss (Mr. Andrey Nyako) is an inspiration to him and he is the reason for who he is now. “My boss has always been there for me, I go to him whenever I need an advice. He is that person who inspires me to work hard.”Matthew, his wife, son and car

Matthew Kofi Arthur popularly known as Labista is the owner of Resurrection Fast Food in Awoshie with four employees. He is proudly married to Anita and has a son.

Kofi hopes to develop from being just a fast food vendor to owning one of the biggest restaurant in Ghana and also a filling station in the next 5years.Matthew (2)

He advised young people to work hard and make good use of every little money that comes their way. “In life whatever you aspire to do, start with the little money you have now. You can start by selling pure water and at the end you can boost of achieving something great in life”

This is the story of someone who started his fast food operation on a table top with just GH₵500 but can now boost of a fast food restaurant, a Kia Pride and one plot of land in Amasaman of which construction is ongoing.

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