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Most Ghanaian comedians are wack

George Quaye, Public Relations officer at Charter House, organizers of the Night of a 1000 Laughs & Comedy series, has taken a swipe at Ghanaian comedians, saying most of them are wack.

George, also known as Aboagye, giving reasons why his outfit does not use a lot more Ghanaian comedians for their comedy shows said many Ghanaian comedians are not good enough.

He said the local comedians need to sharpen their craft if they want to meet the standards of Charter House.

Speaking on Rhythmz A-Z on Joy FM Saturday, he disclosed that he had auditioned several Ghanaian comedians over the years and “they were totally appalling.”

According to George, “I think most of our Ghanaian comedians are wack and they really need to go back and learn. They need to draw inspiration from our big dons like the Fritz Baffours, the Tommy Annan Forsons, the KSMs, they need to look up to the big dons in the industry, those that made it and draw some inspiration.”

“A lot of them are very disrespectful and arrogant,” he said, and added that, “To be a very good comedian, you need a very good social fibre. Your social interaction, the way you even relate to people,” citing Funny Face as classic example of a very down to earth person who is loved by all.

George Quaye, Public Relations officer of Charter House

George Quaye, Public Relations officer of Charter House

“They will not go anywhere,” if they continue to be arrogant and rude he stressed and warned that “I George Quaye so far as I continue to work at Charter House, I will continue to beg my bosses to make sure we do not continue to put them on any of our platforms until they learn, until they grow, until they mature…”

Asked what informs their choice of a comedian for their events and why Nigerian comedians seem to dominate the country’s comedy scene, he said their decisions are usually based on “our audience reaction.”

George said Ghanaian audiences “tend to like the Nigerians a lot more so we tend to bring a lot more comedians from Nigeria,” adding Nigerians are very bold, “they are lot bolder than our Ghanaian comedians… these comedians don’t just do the everyday thing, they go beyond boarders.”

Pointing out the flaws in Ghanaian comedians, the former actor stressed that, “in Ghana [comedy] is not a competitive avenue yet so they really don’t see the need to stand out. They are not hungry enough” because a Nigerian comedian like Gordon has about 20 people who support him with his content and act and therefore he is always good at what he does.

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