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Montie 3 Are Back From Prison, They Said They Have Learnt Their Lessons | See Welcome Party Photos

The Montie trio who were granted remission of their sentences for contempt of the Supreme Court by President John Mahama emerged from prisons yesterday with a message that they have learnt their lessons.

“The  past month has been a difficult one for us and none of us will ever  wish to be anywhere near that situation again.
“That  being  said, we have learnt our lesson and would like to reiterate President Mahama’s call to our fellow media practitioners and all who appear on our platforms to take a cue from what happened to us and be circumspect in our utterances,” Salifu Maase, aka Mugabe, a member of the trio, said at a welcome reception by their team of admirers in Accra yesterday.

Speaking on behalf of the three at the ceremony on the premises of Montie FM in Accra, Mr Maase said they had a responsibility to uphold peace in the election year  and respect institutions of state, adding, “We will continue to practise our professions mindful of all these.”

Mugabe, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn

Mugabe, the host of Pampaso political talk show on Montie FM, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, both panellists


Apology to Chief Justice 

The three men also apologised to the Chief Justice and the entire Supreme Court for the comments that they made against the justices.

In a seeming remorseful posture, Mr Maase said, “Let  us restate our sincerest apologies to Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, justices of the Supreme Court and the entire Bench for the unfortunate regrettable conduct which was rightfully condemned by all Ghanaians.”

Singing, dancing and waving of white handkerchiefs dominated the atmosphere on the premises of Montie FM as  hundreds of people mostly supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),  welcomed the three men.

Mugabe, the host of Pampaso political talk show on Montie FM,  Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, both panellists, were jailed four months each by the Supreme Court for contempt of the court.

They were released yesterday morning on a presidential remission after serving a month of their jail terms.

Dressed in white and holding white hankerchiefs, workers of Network Broadcasting Company Limited, the parent company of Montie FM, Radio Gold and  Television Gold, joined the celebration.

More powder

Before the arrival of the trio about 7 a.m., a large crowd had gathered at the entrance of Montie FM premises singing and dancing as they waited for the arrival of the three persons.

The three arrived in a black 4×4 vehicle from the Akuse Prison with their lawyers and some management members of the Network Broadcasting Company Limited.

The atmosphere got charged on their arrival, with the supporters pouring powder on them.

Wearing a suit over a white shirt, Mr Maase was the first to alight from the vehicle, followed by Nelson and  Gunn.

The three could not help but join the sympathisers in the merry-making.

Gratitude to President

When he picked up the microphone to address the gathering, Mr Maase first mentioned where they had spent one month in prison.

“This morning,  we  were  released  after  a  month’s  incarceration first at Nsawam  and  finally  at  Akuse Prison,” he said.

Mr Maase expressed appreciation to President Mahama for the remission.

“We  would  like  to take  this opportunity to  thank  the  President  of  the Republic of  Ghana, His Excellency John  Dramani Mahama, for graciously exercising his constitutional powers under Article 72 of  the Constitution in our  favour  in remitting the remaining  custodial sentence imposed  on us,” he said.

 Some supporters of the Montie trio jubilating after their release. Pictures: EMMANUEL ASAMOAH ADDAI

Mr Maase also thanked the Council of State, ministers who signed the petition, NDC executive members and workers of Network Broadcasting Company for leading the campaign for their release, adding, “Without your constant voices, our release would not have happened”

Broadcasting company grateful

The Chief Executive Officer of Network Broadcasting Company Limited, Mr B.B. Menson, expressed regret at the incidents that led to the imprisonment of the Montie trio.

He said it was not the intention of the company to condone acts that would undermine the laws of the country.

He assured the public that the company had put in measures to avoid any future occurrence.


 Members of the legal team of the Montie trio

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