#MoneyDropNG Meet The Contestants



Episode Twelve

Sebastian Mbagwu and Jeff Adeniyi

Friends from Lagos Sebastian and Jeff are eager to go in this week’s episode of The Money Drop. The lads are not sure what they would do with the money but they are adamant that they will make good use of their winnings!


Oscar Onubago and Stephanie Nkemchor

Music loving Oscar and Stephanie are back for a second week for a shot at the $100 000 cash price.


Episode Eleven

Smart, funny and dynamic pair Micheal Shofolahan and Funmilola Taofikat are ready to stun all in this week’s episode.

Music loving Oscar Onubago and Stephanie Nkemchor will be placing all thier hopes on thier strong points to get far in the game!

Episode Ten

Ekeoma and Emmanuel

Action movie addicts Ekeoma Ohaegbulam and Emmanuel Nnaji are ready to gamble all they have in this week’s installment of The Money Drop…how far will they go?

Peace and Kingsley

Clued up with all things current affairs Peace Nwokei and Kingsley Efogwo are willing to risk it all this Sunday.

Episode Nine

Michaela and Grace

Abuja based pair Michaela Moye and Grace Okafor are hopeful that their good energy will see them through all the stages of The Money Drop.

Annette and Austin Otsu

The couple from Lagos hope that their interest in everything entertainment will get them through the game.

Episode Eight

Afamze Nwachukwu and George Beke

How far will smart and entertaining pair Afamze and George go in the game?

We have returning contestants from week seven, Omoniyi and Emmanuel.

Episode Seven

Omoniyi and Emmanuel

How far will sports fanatics Omoniyi and Emmanuel go in the game?

Temitope and Omolara

Abuja based couple Temitope and Omorola Salami are passionate about travelling and politics. Will the sharp contrast in their strong points see them through all the questions?

Episode Six

Edwin Akpotu and Dayo Oyenini

Can last week’s pair Edwin and Dayo manage to walk away with the cash prize?

Akin Adesoji and Oke Oris

Lagos based Akin and Oris are highly clued up on music and the arts…will they be able to outwit the questions in all the rounds?

Episode Five

Ose and Ifueko Oviawe

Lagos based pair Ose and Ifueko are into all things music and sports, but will they be able to stand the pressure test of The Money Drop?

Edwin Akpotu and Dayo Oyenini

Can funny pair Edwin and Dayo laugh through the questions and walk away with the prize money?

Episode Four

Jonathan and Solomon

Sports fanatics Jonathan and Solomon are eager and ready to walk away with the grand prize of $100 000…how well will they do?

Chigozie and Chioma

Lagos based beauties Chigozie and Chioma describe themselves as a bit temperamental at times, will they be able to handle their emotions when the going gets tough?

Episode Three

This week Igeim and Godwin are back for the second time, how will they fare this week?

Second pair on the show this week is Akintayo Faniran and Jasmine Obaseki.
Will they walk away with anything at all?

Episode Two:

Uche and Nwamaka
Can risk takers Uche and Nwamaka beat the odds and walk away with the $100 000 cash?

Godwin and Igeim
Charismatic pair Godwin and Igeim look set for the TMD challenge, will they succeed?

Christopher and Fatima
Will travel experts Chris and Fatima know all the Seven Wonders of the World when in the hot seat…catch the show to find out!

Episode One:

Peterstone and Quincy:
From Delta State, Peterstone and Quincy are engaged and the lucky couple have decided to risk it all together.

Will their relationship survive The Money Drop, and will they win enough money to put together the wedding of their dreams?

Lydia and Abisoye
Camera ready friends, Lydia and Abisoye hail from Lagos. Their great sense of humour has got them this far, but will it allow them to keep the cash?



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