Miss Malaika Ghana 2015 Premieres On Sunday August 23

Since 2003 one beauty pageant has consistently changed the notion of beauty in Ghana. It has showed to all that beauty is not about the makeup, hair or the clothes. It has shown many that beauty comes from within, a place where you cannot touch up with make-up.

For over a decade, the Miss Malaika Ghana beauty pageant has brought us queens that embodied the Malaika trademark, “beautiful inside out”.  For instance the reigning queen Eirene Binabiba embarked on a hand washing campaign in basic schools and is currently on a campaign to encourage reading in schools by distributing hundreds of reading books to some basic schools in Teshie and its surrounding areas.

The projects the Malaika queens embark on could be the reason why over 300 girls turned up at the GhOne TV Studios for the Malaika grand auditions on the 25th of July. Maybe they were drawn by the Car, the Cash, the scholarship and the coveted crown with all its perks and glamour.

Watching the auditions on GhOne TV one could easily tell that the girls were in it for all five reasons, the heartwarming projects, the cash, the car, the scholarship and the coveted crown and title of Miss Malaika Ghana 2015.

So we have all watched the audition episodes and possibly agreed and disagreed with the judges on who they let through and who they sent home, now it’s time to know which of the girls were outstanding enough to survive the tension filled audition room.

If you have enjoyed the audition episodes then brace yourself for more exciting episodes as the Miss Malaika Ghana 2015 series premieres this Sunday on GhOne TV at 8.pm sharp.

It’s going to be a pleasant viewing experience, whilst the ladies will be watching out for the latest fashion, make-up and hair trends the guys will definitely be caught spotting who’s fine and who is not.

The Miss Malaika has exciting content for everyone, so this Sunday tune in to GhOne Entertainment TV at 8 pm for the season premieres of Miss Malaika Ghana 2015.

Miss Malaika Ghana is GhOne Entertainment TV production, powered by Charterhouse with sponsorship from Vaseline, Rexona, Super Malt, Optimal, Sandra Ice cream, Abeam Institute of Technology, Glam Make up, Novelle Beauty College, Sultana and donor support from GTP, Chase, Koko king and shakes and flavors.

Miss Malaika 2014 Eirene Binabiba

Miss Malaika 2014 Eirene Binabiba

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