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WATCH VIDEO: Miss Malaika 2015 winner – “5 Things People Don’t Know” about her

Proud winner of the Miss Malaika 2015 edition, Miss Kuukua Korsah reveals to –“5 Things People Don’t Know” about her.

Did you know?

  • She is a model

One of those kids you would see in front of the mirror playing with make ups or her mother’s shoes

  • She has a crush on Sarkodie

She confesses “I think Sarkodie is very talented. He can dress well. I like his beard though and who wouldn’t like that”

  • She got her first taste to alcohol in Miss Malaika

In her narration to GhanaGist she said “We had to go out…Time for champagne. I drank so much I got tipsy and the ladies were laughing at me. I promised them I will never ever do that again”

  • She is music deaf

Give the Queen the best beat to a rhythmic sound and she will dance off

  • She is a “no-nonsense” person

Kuukua loves things done right! She will put you in the right place if you dare bring something she doesn’t deserve or someone else doesn’t deserve.

Kuukua Korsah

Kuukua Korsah

Watch the full clip of Kuukua Korsah on Ghanagist TV as she reveals all the “5 Things People Don’t Know” about her.

Once again, congratulations on her win in this year’s edition of Miss Malaika organized by Charter House/GhOne.

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