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Miss Malaika 2015: Doreen and Gifty evicted

With two tasks completed, the journey to the crowning of the next Miss Malaika is beginning to shape up.

The two tasks showed two interesting sides of the girls. The first task, the charity task, showed us all that they were not just interested in the car, the cash, scholarship and the crown.

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When they teamed up in groups to help pay the bills of babies and offer health screening for kayayei they demonstrated the Miss Malaika theme of “beautiful inside out” to the letter.

The cultural task on the other hand showed them was unifiers as they demonstrated through their own cultures how we were one nation. It was a rich display of culture and tradition in Aburi.

Doreen and Gifty

Doreen and Gifty

The two tasks meant that the dreaded eviction was close by and it indeed was. The Roman Holiday Restaurant was the scene for the first Malaika 2015 evictions. After the girls were treated to tasty Chinese dishes, eviction was held. All the contestants were safe but for Karen, Kezia, Gifty and Doreen.

They were sadly in the bottom four, unfortunately for Gifty and Doreen, they had to be evicted from the competition. They had to say good bye to their dreams of winning the cash, car, scholarship and the coveted crown and title of being Miss Malaika Ghana 2015.

It is sad to see Gifty and Doreen leave the competition, but that’s how reality shows go, you can only ensure your favorite stays in the competition by texting their name to 1757 on all networks.

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