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Miss Ghana is a platform to breakthrough into another life – Volta Region rep, Delali Kemavor

Miss Ghana hopeful Delali Kemavor has said she will be putting smiles on the faces of the neglected aged in the Ghanaian society, should she be crowned Miss Ghana 2015.

She will be using the crown to support the aged, she revealed. Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, she revealed that she is always touched by the aged and that she loves to care for them and also enjoys their company.

Delali also believes if she takes care of the aged at this stage of her life, one day somebody will also take care of her when she is old.

“The Miss Ghana crown is a symbol or a sign of authority or a sign to let everyone know that I have come this far. It’s like a reward. So if I win Miss Ghana, my major focus will be on the aged. This is because they have been neglected by everybody. Everyone is thinking they are about to die so they don’t care. Funny enough, they actually touch me more than the young ones. Even if I don’t win Miss Ghana I will find a way to put smiles on the faces of the old folks,” she indicated.Antoinette Delali Kemavor - Volta Region (1)

“I wanted to be part of Miss Ghana two years ago but I was still in school and I wasn’t of age. So I had to wait. Miss Ghana is interesting. It is not just a beauty pageant. I see it as a platform to breakthrough into another life. I am looking forward to exciting moments while taking part this year,” she added.

Delali is one of the representatives of the Volta Region taking part in the 2015 Miss Ghana pageant. She is an undergraduate student of Central University. She had her secondary education at the Holy Child Senior School in the Central Region.

The last of five children, she hails from Adafianu near Aflao in the Volta Region.

According to her, “Voltarians are welcoming people. We are fun and we go all out to do whatever we have to do. Our food is great. Our banku with okro stew is amazing.”

She has also revealed that her parents are supportive of her decision to join Miss Ghana 2015. Also the pageant has so far been a learning process for her and the other contestants.

“My parents are encouraging. They are looking out for me. They are great parents…Miss Ghana has been a learning process too. We learn how to sit as women, how to talk, eat and everything in general. It’s mostly how to relate to people,” she said.

Delali Kemavor

Delali Kemavor


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