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Mind your business bitch and stop insulting my husband – Actress Beverly Afaglo runs to Choirmaster’s defence

When news broke out that, the defunct Hiplife group Praye is back, leader of the trio; Praye Honeho said he was not interested in joining them.

Though many Ghanaians are not happy with that development, Praye Tintin and Praye Tietia have decided to move on with their business without him.

On Monday, a lady called Serwaa was on GhOne TV to share her opinion on Choiremaster’s refusal to join his former friends to continue to churn out hits together.

Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo

This morning, actress and wife of Choirmaster, Beverly Afaglo Baah took to social media to vent her spleen on the entertainment critic for her views that, her husband must go back to the Praye.

Below is what she posted.

So I was told this morning that this bitch called Serwaa insulted my husband on Ghone tv yesterday.Saying that his music is trash n she wants to puke when she sees his music video on tv….. hmmmm smh.U Serwaa that all the rich men in accra hv slept with,we don’t puke when we see or smell u.U are the biggest fool n wanna be to eva be on tv.U cum on tv to talk trash jus to be famous?I’ll help u here so ur fame grows faster bullshit.U all stupid girls who go on such platforms n are not even given transportation home but u still go jus cos u bent on being famous but u want to destroy some1’s brand he’s worked hard n built ova a decade with ur filthy mouth,i dnt blame u cos u hv no talent to start with so u hv no brand to build or protect.You jus come on tv to attract more big men to sleep with u to feed ur sorry ass cos u don’t work…… U said he should join praye else he won’t make any good music?If he joins praye as u hate him that much,will he make any good music to ur ears?Is joining a group byforce? Does he beg u for bread every morning? Mind ur own business,if u sleep with any of the praye guys n thus ur reason for supporting them so hard,help them on ur platform to make it big n leave@choirmastergh_ the hell alone.We don’t need u,u are not a fan,not everyone is a fan of every artiste n u’v made it clear so stop right there cos the nxt time it wouldn’t be on social media.U will hear 😈😈😈 And to All Ghanaians who keep insulting @choirmastergh_ that he goes back to praye should shut the fuck up,nobody makes decisions for any of u so I dnt expect u to make decisions for a grown man.Love who u love and let’s leave the rest to God.U are not God.Mind ur own business,that is,if u hv one mtcheeewww.

Watch Praye Tintin and Praye Tietia’s first performance after their comeback.

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