Michelle Hammond Cautions Ladies Who Wants Men To Do Everything For Them

This may sound funny but according to Michelle McKinney Hammond not all women will get married.

“This may sound unchristian but everybody is not getting married,” the celebrated author, singer and public speaker said when she appeared on Viasat1’s Celebrity Fanzone.

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“Some people will die without ever getting married and will have a fantastic life. Statistically, that’s a fact. My aunt got married for the first time at the age of 63 and we had to talk her into it. She was having a great life,” she argued. Michelle Hammond also rejected the widely held perception that that an unmarried woman is an incomplete woman.

“Single people sometimes invite the criticisms because they are projecting that their life is incomplete without a person and when you see someone living life to the full, it really doesn’t make room to interject that something is missing from their lives,” she maintained.

“I think we need to attract what we want in life by being what we want to attract. A lot of women spend a lot of time waiting for a man to come into their lives and buy everything for them and be a sugar daddy…and it’s like ‘what are you bringing to the party?’ What are you doing? Set some standard. Get some stuff of your own. Don’t be a victim waiting for someone to take care of you,” she advised.

Michelle has authored over 40 books (selling over two million copies worldwide), including best-selling titles The Diva Principle, Sassy, Single and Satisfied, 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond

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