Mercy Johnson often walks out on movie set

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

Chairman of the Film Marketers Association has broken his silence.

In a recent Chat, he went into details about the issue regarding Mercy Johnson:

“We did not really ban Mercy Johnson. Let me tell you what happened; we had a National Working Committee meeting which I presided over. The leadership of the Onitsha branch came up with an issue that most of the artistes are charging exceedingly high. On that issue I ruled that such is the function of a competitive market; arguing that if an artiste is charging for example $4000, they are free to pick another artiste, who may charge $400, if that is what they can afford.

I also made them to understand that we are gunning for the day an artiste would be paid $100,000 or sign $100,000 as a contract fee, because that is the way to show that we are progressing. We can’t afford to remain in one spot for years.

I think they understood that, but they also brought complaints against Mercy that she sometimes walks out on set. They said sometimes, people would pay her for a job but she would prefer to give priority to those that are paying higher. On that issue, I said we cannot take a decision because there is no formal petition.

I told them to go back to their zone, discuss it and come out with a formal decision. We have fixed another meeting for Thursday, November 7, to see if there will be any petition. If action would be taken, we would call her personally and inform her primary guild after the meeting.”

The chairman’s comments seems like the association is retreating from the earlier emphatic stance they took about banning Mercy as reported by some members who were also at the meeting. At least it’s good that they have retreated and Mercy Johnson still allowed to keep acting. But do you think Mercy Johnson is really rude and walks out on set as they claim or it’s just a ploy by some of the members to use that as the point of contention against her?


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