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Mercy Johnson fights off Funke Akindele for huge loaf of bread and mega soda

Could you imagine ever eating food that’s almost half as big as you are?

Well, that’s what Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson went for in a tussle for can eat more quicker than the other.

They are given a huge loaf of bread that’s almost 3 feet and left to struggle with eating everything up while holding it off the ground.

Mercy was supposed to eat from one edge of the bread and Funke from the other so they can eventually devour everything.

As they eat, they have huge bottles of soda; coca cola for Mercy and Fanta for Funke to supplement eating the bread, but you can see clearly from the picture that Funke abandoned her side of the bread and wants to eat from Mercy’s side as well lol.

Whom amongst the two do you think can eat more of the bread?


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