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Men at work, Perception, Artscape the New African Photography – Niger Delta and more on DStv


The management of MultiChoice Ghana Limited has announced a reduction in price of its DStv single view decoder.

From 26th April 2013, a fully installed single view standard decoder will be selling at GHC291, reduced from GHC344, including Decoder, Dish and Installation.

Also, all existing Dstv Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium subscribers can watch their favourite shows on a DStv Mobile appliance for free.  Prices of DStv Mobile hardware as are as follows: WALKA7 for GHC299, WALKA3 for GHC 149, DRIFTA for GHC192, iDRIFTA for GHC156 and DRIFTA USB for GHC119.

MultiChoice provides subscribers with a unique product offering which ensures they get the best deal, improved choice with better controls and customer service.Visit any MultiChoice offices or accredited dealers nationwide or call 0302740540 now for more information!  

Discovery Channel (DStv Premium, Ch 121) 

Heroes of Hell’s Highway: In Afghanistan, one of the most important and dangerous jobs for the army is the clearance of roadside bombs. Since the war began, over 1,000 American soldiers have been killed by these deadly bombs, so specially trained soldiers are sent into battle to clear them so that the rest of the military and civilians can stay safe on the roads. Heroes of Hell’s Highway follows two platoons as they use the world’s toughest vehicles to take out the bombs and take the hit themselves, so other soldiers don’t have to. Tune in on Thursday 02 May 2013 at 20:30 CAT. 

FOX (DStv Premium, Ch 125)

The Listener: Toby Logan is a 30-year-old paramedic who can read minds. He’s kept his secret to himself, fearing that his telepathic powers were a sign that he’s slowly losing his mind. However, the more he learns how to use it, the more he comes to believe that his telepathy can be a gift.  Now that Toby has decided to step out of the shadows, and embrace his fate, he’s got a new perspective on life. Don’t miss The Listener on 4 May at 20:15 CAT on FOX.

M-Net Series Africa (DStv Compact, Compact Plus & Premium, Ch 114)

Perception:  Dr Daniel Pierce has the ability to see patters and look past people’s conscious emotions to find what lies beneath. Daniel is an expert in human behaviour and has a masterful understanding of the way the mind works. Daniel is brilliant, but he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, which sometimes causes him to act in strange and dangerous ways. Despite this, FBI agent Kate Moretti asks his help on certain cases, though his erratic behaviour and hallucinations sometimes get in the way of the job. Don’t miss Perception on 05 May 2013 17:00 CAT|

COMEDY CENTRAL (DStv Premium, Ch 122)

Men at Work: Clueless, yet always hilarious, the men of Men at Work are an endearing bunch.  After Milo has been dumped by his girlfriend, his friends rally around him to offer their guidance. The group includes Neal (the sensitive one), Tyler (the witty one) and Gibbs (the womaniser).  The well-intentioned guys take on issues of mating, dating and relating to women, and they may not get it right but they usually have a good time. Watch Men at Work on Saturday 4 May at 19:00 CAT.

Al Jazeera (DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus & Premium, Ch 406)

Artscape the New African Photography – Niger Delta: Nigerian photographer George Osodi photographs the grim reality of oil rich Niger Delta and meets Nigeria’s traditional monarchs. George Osodi’s on-going photo project, Oil Rich Niger Delta, brought attention to the environmental problems in the area and made Osodi one of Nigeria’s most sought after photographers. This film follows George as he continues to document the devastating effects of oil spills in the wetland region and as he tackles his latest project about Nigeria’s traditional Monarchs. Watch Artscape the New African Photography it on Monday 6 May at 00:30 CAT, 7 May at 23:30 CAT, 8 May 05:30 CAT and 9 May 16.30 CAT.

**Please note that the schedules were confirmed by DStv and accurate as at the time of distribution. Dates and times are subject to change. For more sports news and information, visit or on

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