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Meet Young Ghanaian Fashion Blogger On The Rise Jessica Konney

In recent times, the world is said to be a global village where an incident in one part has the potential of tremendously impacting on events in other parts, either directly or indirectly. This has become obvious with the popularization of the internet around the globe, resulting into a changing world of doing everything, from politics to business.

The internet has become a major tool in the fields of marketing and communications, causing a shift from the traditional methods used by practitioners in these fields. It is a new and digital age which comes with limitless possibilities irrespective of geographical location, biological makeup, sex or race.

One person living the “digital life” is Jessica Naa Adjeley Konney, a young enterprising Ghanaian fashion blogger. With over 4 years’ experience in blogging, Naa Adjeley (as she is widely known) has managed to carve a niche for herself as one of the most sought after fashion bloggers.

Her blog, puts African fashion on the world map, from promoting look books of fashion brands, interviewing designers, models and other fashion entrepreneurs to covering some of the biggest fashion events around the continent.

Naa Adjeley has managed to sustain interest in her blog by interviewing the crème de la crème in the African fashion industry as well as producing inspirational and very engaging articles. Her profiling of fashion entrepreneurs are insightful with a great control of the English language and flair to play around with words.

She is a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism where she studied Communications Studios and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon. Recounting her journey into the world of blogging, she didn’t mince words expressing her passion for reading.

“I spent a lot of time reading books on various subjects but was very passionate about articles about lifestyle. Whilst at the Ghana Institute of journalism, I preferred to write about fashion anytime I had the opportunity to write. That was my passion as I would always look out for the articles about latest trends in the world of fashion anytime I went online to research for my school assignment. So starting a fashion blog was just a matter of time. When I decided to start blogging, there was nothing else I was going to focus my energy on apart from fashion though some friends suggested other areas including sports and politics”, she said.

In spite of the enormous challenges she was confronted with, she kept her head up and determined to grab the gold in life. “As a young blogger yet to make a name in the industry, you are sometimes not taken serious or given the needed attention. You will have to push your way through to get accredited for events event though you are prepared to give the organisers free publicity. Also, there is the issue of cash flow for sustenance as you move around to cover one event to another. But in all these, determination kept me going”, she said.

The high points of Naa Adjeley’s her relatively young career includes an interview she granted the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World News television anchor Lerato Mbele. Naa Adjeley shared with Lerato her thoughts on the current state of the textile industry in Ghana as she gave the presenter of “Africa Business Report” the background to dynamism of Ghanaian textiles.

Naa Adjeley believes fashion goes beyond what one wears, but rather a lifestyle. “Fashion isn’t about the nice pieces exhibited on the runway but rather an everyday affair. Just like any other business sector, the practitioners ought to be looking at strategic positioning to ensure they attract the right investment and attention from key players beyond the shores of Ghana. I am happy to say some brands I am working with and others I have had discussions with are looking into that that direction. That is what we need to develop the industry and take things to the next level”.

In addition to profiling fashion brands and the individuals behind those brands on her blog, Naa Adjeley offers a full scale public relations and digital marketing services to lifestyle brands. Together with the brand managers, she develops brand manuals and business development modules for the brands in line with the short and long term aspirations of the brands.

She has been acknowledged by several organisations in and out of Ghana for her passion and dedication to making a meaningful impact on the Ghanaian fashion sector with the latest being nominations in the Blogging Ghana and Social Media Awards for the Best Blog and Best Instagram Account categories.

Do make time to visit for fashion updates and more from Naa Adjeley on a regular basis or get interactive with her on @trendsandblendsgh on Instagram and Twitter.

Jessica Konney

Jessica Konney

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