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Meet The ‘Originator’ Of Hiplife Reggie Rockstone And His Family

Apart from his successful musical career, he is known to be a party dog, fashionista and an ambassador of some big brands in Ghana.

With his plate always packed with loads of activities, one would wonder if Reggie Rockstone makes time for himself.

The answer is a big yes! Behind the grandpapa, as he is affectionately called, is a homy and funky wife called Zilla Hagbangsuglo Limann.

She is friendly but very firm! Indeed, it is her firmness that puts the grandpapa in check and on his toes as a responsible family man.

As a musician and nightclub owner whose activities travel through the wee hours of the night, Reggie ensures that he stays home often during the day and spends quality time with his wife and children.

Zilla and Reggie’s connection

The couple have interesting backgrounds. Reggie’s late father is Ricci Ossei (Saint Ossei), a renowned fashion designer, while Zilla’s dad is the late President Dr Hilla Limann.

She is a qualified medical doctor who has decided to pull her brakes for a while to take good care of their three children who are still in their formative stages of childhood, and other family businesses.

The two, however, have certain things in common. First of all, they all spot dreadlocks, love entertaining friends and are lovers of the arts and music.

Interestingly, though they are not of the same age, they both had their primary education at the Soul Clinic International School where their children are also repeating the cycle. In addition, they both had their secondary education at Achimota School and were also at McCarthy House.

The Limann family

The cupid train

Rockstone, who is young at heart, shared how he met his wife Zilla at their Cantonments residence with The Mirror.

“The first time I met her was at the Boomerang Night Club in the DJ’s booth. It was DJ Black then behind the turntable and I spotted this pretty lady walking in to the DJ to request some Dancehall music so she could dance with her friends. It was instant attraction,” he said.

Recounting their first encounter, Zilla also collaborated the story and said Black was a familiar face because he was also in Legon just like her friends and her. However, Black was ahead of her.

Zilla, who was a party girl while at the Medical School said, “I had gone there with my friends. When I got in the booth, Reggie too was there and so Black introduced us to each other. But I was thinking Reggie and his people were on a different level and we were also on our level so I just said ‘hello’ and went back to my friends but I didn’t tell them I had met Reggie,” she smiled.

After the introduction by DJ Black, they started talking and one thing led to another and blossomed into a marriage spanning over a decade with three children named Ricci, Zuzu and Rehji-Zaida.

Rockstone, however, has an adult daughter called Phoebe Ossei.

What keeps both going?

Reggie and wife

Reggie and wife

Rockstone, who described himself as a humble hustler, said he tries hard not to succumb to any criminal act like some celebrities do when they come under pressure.

The two admitted that they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“I conceive most of the ideas. However, Zilla is forceful and business-conscious, therefore we deliberate on issues, take the best decision and run with it,” Rockstone stated.

When it comes to the children’s needs and welfare, for instance, Rockstone explained that his duty as a father was to work hard, sort out the bills and put food on the table.

“Zilla also takes care of the home and ensures that issues in line with academics are sorted out for the children. In fact, she loves to help them with all their homework”.

Asked how he spends time with his children, he explained that because he spends the evenings working at his nightclub, he loves to be with them during daytime and give them the fatherly love they need.

“My kids are like my siblings. They love to chat with me and we discuss the latest movies and songs, among others. I get to listen to all the interesting ‘fillas’ they have while Zilla ensures they learn. It is a shared responsibility,” he said and smiled.

Reggie and wife

Genesis of the office

Rockstone is a smart businessman. Due to his deep affection for music, his late dad built him a recording studio which he still uses for recording.

Besides, if you know Rockstone very well, you will notice that he never goes out unaccompanied. He is often surrounded by the youth and some celebrated musicians.

He is basically the mover and shaker of most nightclubs in the capital. This is because Rockstone loves to dance until the DJ packs his equipment.

With this track record, he decided to open his own nightclub called ‘The Office’ for his friends and loved ones to go there and make merry. Undoubtedly, his club has lived up to expectation, as most celebrities in Ghana love to hang out there.

Another smart move on his part is the endorsement of his own branded condoms known as Rockdoms. As he puts it, “sometimes some few bad lots drink their head off and end up in irresponsible sexual acts; therefore, I decided to introduce my brand of condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

Zilla’s medical profession has also been put to the test a couple of times at their nightclub. She cited an occasion when an epileptic had a seizure and she had to come to the person’s aid.

Also, there was a time someone got injured after a misunderstanding. Quickly, she had to administer some first aid and later drove the victim to hospital as the wound had to be stitched.

“I spent almost the whole day at the hospital, just to ensure the victim was in perfect and stable condition”.



Born Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei on April 11, he is currently in his early 50s but can easily pass for someone in his 20s.

The Godfather of Hiplife (a title which has in recent times been regarded as controversial by some of his own colleagues) believes his passion for martial arts and dancing is what had keeps him in good form.

While some musicians who are younger than he are parading potbellies, Rockstone looks perfectly trimmed and cute.

As a son of a designer, Rockstone always appears neatly dressed; whether on stage, at the club or out and about town.

Rockstone’s story

He was born in the United Kingdom but spent his early years in Kumasi and Accra. Travelling on a tri-continental basis (i.e. Accra, New York, London), he broadened his hip-hop scope.

Due to his innovative ideas, he had an ingenious idea and used the hip-hop beats with authentic phat production and laced them with Twi. This became the tool to make such butter classics as “Sweetie, Sweetie”, “Tsoo Boi”, “Nightlife in Accra” and “Agoo” from his debut album in 1997, titled “Makaa! Maka!”.

Launched on an independent label called KASSA RECORDS that he partly owns, Reggie Rockstone has reached Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians across four continents

A natural performer and trained actor, he grabbed the mike with no problem when his calling came in 1991. He raps in both Twi and English.

In 2004, Rockstone won the Kora Award for the best African video and has accumulated a tall list of awards.

He recently joined the legendary group, VIP, now called VVIP. With Rockstone’s hallmark as excellence and the success of the VIP, they dropped their first single, “Selfie” last year and it won an award.

Currently, their hit song, ‘Skolom’ is enjoying massive airplay.


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