Meet Ghana’s Young CEO At 24, Caroline Esinam Adzogble

At age 19, shy, passionate and friendly Caroline Esinam Adzogble knew what the future held for her was to become an expert in education and technology.

In our Parts of the world certain grounds are seen as unbreakable for a woman but for the now 24 years old CEO of Potters International College, it is time to prove the world wrong and changing things around her.

Due to this, while awaiting her secondary school examination certificate; she enrolled at IPMC to study database technology, hardware and networking program.

How the Journey Started

‘I always knew I wanted to own a school where knowledge could be imparted into people. I started school business since I was 19.

“While pursuing those courses my love grew for the IT industry so I got home once day from school and told my dad I was going to start an IT school and call it AITC (Ashley Hills IT Center) at Tema,” she said.

Her father had a few computers at home and an abandoned office space. She asked him to give them to her which he gladly did. After using it and running AITC for some -time, she wanted more hence her decision to incorporate other programs.

“In 2014 I wanted to include other programs so I decided to change AITC into a full time college and add other programs so then came the name Potters International College.”

How was growing up for Caroline

The young CEO describes herself growing up as a very inquisitive person, who wanted to know everything and have answers to everything so on any-day, anytime, would prefer books to toys or sweets.

She never had the typical senior high school experience becauseher dad always wanted her close to home. She completed senior high school at Ideal College and continued with her college studies with Edinburgh Business School which happens to be an online college so she had the flexibility to work and school at the same time.

Why the desire to open a school

“I believe knowledge is power and is very important in our day to day lives. Education is a right to people and not a privilege and that everyone one way or the other has to educate him/herself. I also believed technology is the answer to everything. It runs our world.”


Age has been some of her hindering blocks because people tend to see her as crazy. It’s normally rare to have a girl at her age wanting to do things like that.

“A few don’t take me seriously because of my age. I also sometimes get surrounded by opportunists because they think at my age I don’t have a fair ground as to how I manage my finances and resources”

Just like any other female, Caroline has been through bad breakups, backstabbing from friends and all the normal things girls go through but she draws strength from the fact that she is living her dreams and trying to make a change in the Education and Technology industry.

Caroline loves writing, reading and singing. She used to be the worship leader and solo singer at her church. On a typical day she will be found spending time with her family.

For the youngsters coming Caroline said; “I want them to know that there is beauty in independence. And independence doesn’t come cheap. They need to work very hard for it. They shouldn’t place their happiness into anyone’s hand.”

Apart from Potters International College, Caroline also runs C-Tech Solutions; an IT firm, The Mercy Heart Foundation whose vision is to invest in teens in the areas of Education and Technology.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble

Caroline Esinam Adzogble

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