Meet Awele, Funny Face’s partner in crime

Ardent followers of popular television series which airs on TV3, Chorkor Trotro may have noticed  the ‘new kid on the block’, Awele who has endeared himself to many people with his comic acts.

Awele, a protégé of popular comedian, Funny Face who joined the cast of Chorkor Trotro two years ago plays the role of a driver’s mate and it seems his acting skills and flair for comedy which come to bear on the show has won him a lot of fans.

However, his style of acting in terms of the way he talks and mannerisms which seem to mimic that of Funny Face who also features in Chorkor Trotro has been criticised.

But in an interview with Showbiz last week, Awele, real name Herbert Attukwei Korley said although he got into Chokor Trotro through Funny Face, he is not copying his style of acting.

He admits he shares a lot of things in common with Funny Face as in facial features and way of talking but his acting style is different from Funny Face’s and could not be a copycat of the latter.

“Funny Face is unique and I am also unique in my own way. Yes, we may have some things in common but it has never occurred to me for once to imitate him.  Many people have told us that we look alike but the fact that there is some resemblance is not enough a reason to imitate him. I don’t copy Funny Face and I have never done that” he stated.

Speaking on how he got into acting, Awele said Funny Face who he describes as a good friend recommended him to the production crew of Chorkor Trotro.

“ I have known Funny Face since 2006 when we met at Stars of the Future auditions for the comedy category but I had to abandon my comedy career to pursue formal education.

“We both had the desire to break into the comedy industry but many factors like my education made me put mine on hold for a while.  After completing school, the desire to pursue comedy still burned in me so Funny Face who knows my capabilities recommended me and brought me on board Chorkor Trotro and I know I have not disappointed him” he added.

He stated that prior to his appearance on Chorkor Trotro; he had had a stint in acting way back in 1992 and 1993 when he used to feature on By the Fire Side and used the opportunity to develop his acting skills.

He also had a taste of stage comedy when he starred in the Citizen’s Comedy show on Net 2 TV and also performed while he was a student of Ho Polytechnic.

For now, Awele who is yet to feature in a movie noted that he is poised to roll on the back of the “small” fame gained from Chorkor Trotro to launch himself in the movie industry.

On how he came by the name Awele, the budding comedian in his usual comical way remarked” Oh it was Funny Face who gave me that name. I don’t even know what Awele means or where it comes from.

“I needed a name for my role in the series. Initially we settled on Akwei but you can trust Funny Face and his witty ways, he just came up with Awele and it has caught on so fast with people”.

Awele attended Accra Academy and later Ho Polytechnic where he studied Marketing. He hails from Ga Mashie Asre- Klonaa We in James Town of the Greater Accra region. He is married with a child whom he describes as his pride and joy.

He hinted that he has intentions of venturing into music and was almost ready with his debut single which will be released early next year.

“I know many people are watching me and I need not disappoint them so I am working hard to make myself relevant in the industry”.



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